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I get asked a lot about the different websites, apps and resources that I use before, during, and after I travel.  I decided to begin a running list.  This is a work in progress and I will continue to add and remove from this list as my habits change.  Here is a basic rundown of some great RTW travel resources:


Wikitravel: A great open source guide that has content growing exponentially.

TripAdvisor:  I love them so much that I own stock in the company! The Man in Seat Sixty One is the go to source for any type of train travel research.  It’s thorough and accurate.

Travel Apps I Love

LoveHolidays: Has a great “Discover Somewhere New” button to help find new destinations and hotels.

Accommodation:  Once I started making money while traveling, I began upgrading from hostels to AirBnB.  I actually ended up not spending that much more than I had been while traveling in hostels.  The small fees add up at hostels, where AirBnB, things tend to be included and the hosts tend to be generous when they find out you’re just a weary traveler. My first choice in hostel searching. – Budget hotels like because of the low fees. – Has one of the largest hotel databases, and can be a great way to find low prices in bigger cities. – I love the book now, cancel for free within 24 hours.  It is great when needing to reserve something last minute, but without being sure if you will arrive there on time.


First, check out my Complete Guide to Flight Hacking

Google Flights:  I am really starting to prefer Google Flights over the other aggregators.  They will only get better now that they acquired ITA Software.


Not my favorite style of travel, but if it’s your preference, the best resource is

Travel Stats

Distance Calculator

These are the two sites I use to calculate how many miles I travel:

Daft Logic Distance Calculator: Distance between two points (cities) on a map.  Good for overland/overwater travel calculation.

Airport Distance Calculator: Distance between two airports.

Meeting Other People On The Road

beach-soccer-lake-malawi – I know it seems odd, but type in your hobby and city you’re traveling to, and you will most likely find a group of people who meet once a week.  I found a pick-up soccer or ultimate frisbee game in nearly every country I traveled to this way. – Same as above, but a bit more organized. – This is a new site and is actually an idea I had once myself but wasn’t motivated enough to build.

Blogging Help

77 Awesome Travel Blog Names:  This is currently the most popular article on my site.

Travel Blog Success: My blog didn’t take off until I joined this group.  Access to their private Facebook message board was easily worth the one-time sign-up fee.

Social Media Tips for Travel Bloggers

ProWritingAid Proofreading tool:  A lifesaver! Creative Commons photos that are free to use on your blog as long as you link to the source.  A good way to keep yourself from stealing other people’s work by accident.

Facebook Page Engagement Tips

<a rel=”nofollow” href=”″ title=”Build a Better Travel Blog”><img src=”×60-tbs.jpg” alt=”Build a Better Travel Blog” /></a>

Saving Money

Seven Things To Do NOW To Start Saving Money! A great budgeting tool

TrailWallet: The best spending tracker app on the market.



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My Travel Video Channel on YouTube

Travel Health




The CDC. Always important to research each upcoming destination.

Visa Requirements

Visa Requirements for U.S. Citizens

Yoga will teach you everything you ever need to know.


More links coming soon!!!

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