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I am a travel addict from Wisconsin who now calls Minneapolis home.  I’ve been traveling my whole life and have been to over 45 countries on six continents.  I love traveling to experience how other cultures live, try new things, find adventures, explore new cities, and meet interesting people.  I always prefer to tell someone else’s story vs trying to make myself sound interesting.  This world is full of people with amazing stories, and I love finding those people!  I quit my full-time job in January of 2013 to travel exclusively for 18 months and have recently made my new base for travel Minneapolis again.

blackbeachdigitalBesides traveling, I am also very tech savvy, go to concerts, play rec sports, and spend as much time with my awesome friends and family as I can. I love trying new things, which is a big part of deciding to travel as much as possible.  In 2013, I founded a digital agency, Black Beach Digital, which helps me fund my travels.  You can learn more about how I fund my travel here: How To Make Money While Traveling the World.


About This Travel Blog

I started this site to document my current trips as well as the past travels of both me and my ex, Alissa.  I try to focus on information that I found hard to find as I was planning that can help others find their way to an amazing trip.  I’d love for my articles to help any budget travelers, whether you are traveling for a week, a year, or longer.  Check out the FAQ page for any questions you may have, or contact me here.

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