27 Amazing Travel Photos That Will Infect You With The Travel Bug

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I’m a travel photo junkie.  I can spend hours browsing photography sites and social media sites looking for the travel photo that will inspire me next.  Below are 27 of my favorite travel photos from the last 4-5 years.  Each photographer is linked if you want to learn more about them.  If you are new to this blog, you can learn about us and this website here.  Enjoy the pictures!   – Dan

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1. Salar de Uyuni – Bolivia


Photographer: Guy Nesher | Buy prints here

2.  Dhammakaya Temple – Thailand


Photographer: Luke Duggleby

3. Neuschwanstein Castle – Bavaria, Germany


Photographer: Luiz Pires

4. Fog – Vancouver, Canada


Photographer: Alexis Birkill | Buy prints here

5. Behind a Waterfall – Seljalandsfoss, Iceland


Photographer: Yuri Ovchinnikov

6. Baseball in the Streets – Havana, Cuba


Photographer: Lisa Shires

7. Climbing the Great Pyramid (Illegally) – Giza, Egypt


Photographer: Vadim Makhorov

8. Urban Climbing in Dubai (same crazy guys as above) – Dubai, UAE

Photographer: Vadim Makhorov

tibet-featuredAlso, feel free to check out my recent how-to guide on making money while traveling:

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9.  Preacher’s Pulpit – Preikestolen, Norway


Photographer: Thomas Trommer

10. Canals of Color – Amsterdam, Netherlands


Photographer: Juan Pablo deMiguel | Buy prints here

11. Lego Houses – Mexico City, Mexico


Photographer: Oscar Ruiz

12. Winter Wonderland – Upper Peninsula, Michigan


Photographer: Alan Condra

13. Ice Cave – Skaftafell, Iceland

Skaftafell-Iceland Photographer: Olvar Thorgeirsson

14. Grenada Underwater Sculpture Park – Molinere Bay, Grenada

underwater-cancun Photographer: Jason de Caires Taylor

15. Cows on the Beach – Zanzibar Island, Tanzania

cows-zanzibar Photographer: A. Monfre

16. Disneyland Castle Fireworks – Anaheim, California

disney-castle-fireworks Photographer: Natalie Bell

17. Solna Centrum Subway Station – Stockholm, Sweden

stockholm-subway-station Photographer: Guy Nesher | Buy prints here

18. The Acrobats of Namibia – Mondesa, Namibia

namibia-jump-boy Photographer: Dan Monfre | Read about this photo here

19. Temple of Borobudur, Indonesia

Borobudur-indonesia Photographer: Johan Georget | Buy prints here

20. New Years “Village Invasion Celebrations” – Dani Tribe, Papua New Guinea

Dani-Tribe-Papua Photographer: Johan Georget | Buy prints here

21. Brazilian Capoeira Dance – Ipanema, Brazil



Photographer: Giovani Cordioli

22. Olympic National Park – Washington, United States


Photographer: Michael Hanson

23. Music in Havana – Havana, Cuba


Photographer: Justin Koenig  |  Read about Justin’s time in Cuba here

24.  Beach Mates – Chitimba, Malawi


Photographer: Joe Kennedy

25. Cormorant Fisherman – Li River, Xingping, China


Photographer:  Chris McLennan | Buy prints here

26. Kumbh Mela – Allahabad, India


Photographer: Greg Vore

27. Urban Climbing in Paris –  Paris, France


Photographer: Vadim Makhorov | Buy prints here


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71 Responses to 27 Amazing Travel Photos That Will Infect You With The Travel Bug

  1. Great collection of photos!!

  2. midlifewanderlust1965@gmail.com' Steve says:

    Great photos, now where did I put my passport.

  3. ian@phototoursabroad.com' Ian Ford says:

    Interesting that you pick 27. Please don’t explain.

    Since you like patterns, check out images for Xiapu in China. Could be part of another post

  4. stchen@gmail.com' Steve says:

    nice pics! i live in amsterdam now and i have never seen it like that.

  5. fantastic emages thanks

  6. ginastravelbiz4u@gmail.com' Gina Morris says:

    Beautiful pictures, I have some local ones that I have taken on my blog page, everyone is welcome to have a look and follow me 🙂

  7. endlessroadsblog@gmail.com' Urska says:

    Truly stunning!

  8. fiddleheadpa@hotmail.com' Glenn says:

    Check out the “Vegetarian Festival” in Phuket, Thailand some year.
    Every October.
    Pretty amazing.
    Google some pictures of it to see what I mean.
    I’m sure it would make your list.

  9. leezomafia@gmail.com' Leigh says:

    utterly amazing – what a beautiful set of pictures and what a beautiful video – nice work Dan & Alissa, xx

  10. bryanthelms@gmail.com' Bryant Helms says:

    I love all of the photos here. One correction. #16 Should read: Disneyland Castle Fireworks, Anaheim, CA

  11. umesh.flywidus@gmail.com' Umesh Kumar says:

    all pics are awesome

  12. bramreusen@hotmail.com' Bram says:

    Amazing collection of photographs, guys! Great video as well 🙂

  13. That picture from Great Piramid is so beautiful. It’s very very very nice. I love it. I will make a picture in my living room

  14. agata@nullnfull.com' Agata says:

    Very interesting collection of RTW photos. Some of them really makes me feel I should go and visit them. Thanks for sharing!

  15. ikamel1950@yahoo.com' IBRAHIM SOLIMAN says:

    she is fantastic girl ,know how to live & i hope to imitate

  16. joha.ghersi@gmail.com' Johanna says:

    Great, inspiring and breathtaking photos! Thanks for sharing!

  17. adaminbiri@yandex.com.tr' Toros says:

    A marvelous photographs, colors in harmony. Thanks to all photographers

  18. sweetlibra13@gmail.com' Katrina Kaif says:

    Beautiful pictures – I love it. they are WOW!

  19. mmbrunet@gmail.com' Michelle says:

    Great great pictures, definitely made me want to travel. I saw the video as well, can I ask how you guys managed to be traveling for an entire year? It’s amazing and I hope you can share some saving tips because I imagine that couldn’t have been cheap. Thank you!

    And to Glenn who suggested checking out the vegetarian festival in Phuket, a little warning would have been nice. I googled pictures and I’m sorry I ever did. I have the utmost respect for other cultures, coming from a bloody culture myself (Mexico) but this is disturbing for some people so you may want to be more sensitive next time.

  20. rahoya123@gmail.com' abod chafi says:

    Amazing collection of photographs

  21. aaron.widera1@verizon.net' Aaron Widera says:

    Great pictures. I’ve often wished while looking at these types of photos that I had a machine that could teleport me to each picture. Maybe someday.

  22. brandiecan2@gmail.com' brandie says:

    You have beautiful pictures, and a lovely video. I am looking to start my travels around the world and was wondering if you could offer any advice. How did you afford all of that? Im trying to figure out how much i should set aside.

  23. georgina33@yahoo.ca' Georgina Williams says:

    What a wonderful thing to witness, it brings me a ray of sunshine as I lie gathering my last breaths of hope trying to fight my third lapse of society’s deadly disease that has now settle into my liver. Thank you for this post.

  24. Petronity55@yahoo.com' Ardie says:

    Unless there are two of them, the underwater sculpture in photo 14 is actually in Grenada. I have seen it. Quite beautiful, as are all the sculptures.

    • Alissa says:

      Thanks for catching that Ardie. We got it confused with Mexico’s underwater museum. We updated the article to have the correct details. Thanks!

  25. nickdeano@ca.rr.com' Nick Deano says:

    Great work, that’s not Passenger singing, who’ version is that.

  26. pauls123d@gmail.com' pravakar says:

    Fantastic work.. I love your video.

  27. nashsherry88@gmail.com' Sherry Nash says:

    Hi Luke Duggleby, I hope you are a great photographer or being right now as you’ve captured pic of Dhammakaya temple looking really stunned. I’m willing to visit there as soon as possible that What is it in the right?

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  29. vrvibal@gmail.com' Victor Vibal says:

    Thank you for the photos you posted. i shared it with my students.


  30. mail@seetheworldinmyeyes.com' Dennis Kopp says:

    Dan, that really is an amazing collection of inspiring travel photos from around the world! Some of the places I have visited already, others were on my list and rest just got added. Thanks for the great tips and sharing your favorite photos… 🙂

  31. a.brink64@gmail.com' Alexander says:

    This is truly amazing. Beautiful photographs and heartwarming video.. All I want to do is go around the world twice and meet everyone once. You guys make me believe I can see the world if I try… I feel like its almost impossible… but its all I want to live for.

  32. luvbus1234@gmail.com' Steve says:

    Awesome travel destination pictures..!!

  33. patriciaannlee83@gmail.com' patty says:

    I hope to see all of them! If it is not too much to ask

  34. imransheikh290@gmail.com' Sheikh Imran says:

    You are absolutely right. All these photos have inspired me to make tour. The photos are excellent.

  35. BReatheeatlive@gmail.com' Elaine says:

    Wow, the photo with the two SUVs driving across water on the road…stunning!

  36. daniil-timin@mail.ru' Daniil says:

    #9 Preacher’s Pulpit – what a photography! Thanks for some great pics i’ve never seen before!

  37. hiralgmehta@gmail.com' Hiral says:

    Awsome collection of travel photoes. Truly inspired

  38. Wow! Amazing photos1 You are right! It does inspire travel! Great job!

  39. info@travelraters.com' Justin says:

    You have done a great job on your video – I like the part at the beginning where you hop and land in a new place. It looks like you had a really good time and had a lifetime of wonderful experiences. Great travel video! Hope you make more.

  40. kian@how2travelsmart.com' Kian says:

    Incredible moments frozen in time – Awesome pictures!!

  41. Fantastic shots! I have been only to two – Pulpit rock and Kumbh mela! So much more to see in this world…

  42. valeriefidan@gmail.com' valerie says:

    Beautiful photos!! Thank you for sharing! 🙂

  43. katherine.macgregor@gmail.com' Kat says:

    WoW! These are AMAZING! Makes me want to go and explore the world all over again (that said, you never stop exploring the world once you start~).

  44. hector.herrerabb@gmail.com' Hector says:

    Outstanding pictures . Some of the most wonderful images in the world

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  46. peter@travelstyletours.co.uk' Peter says:

    Looking at all these beautiful pictures shows our world is so full of wonders and some places are so stunning you can hardly believe they actually exist!

  47. sally@travelstyletours.co.uk' Sally says:

    The world is truly full of wonders, there are so many beautiful places to visit, regardless of the country you visit. Alissa motivated me to get off my couch and explore other cities; now I’m booking a weekend trip to Rome with my husband.

  48. goingthedistance@gmail.com' Jack Travels says:

    Great collection of inspiring pictures Dan, the world rocks, but I guess you already know that. When I was in Stockholm, I saw several very artsy metro stations, but I didn’t see the red one shown here. If this post has taught me anything, that urban climbers apparently get all the great shots!

  49. rkale88@yahoo.com' Randy C says:

    Thank you for sharing your great pictures!

    Your video for Alisso inspired me to start taking videos of my wife and make one for her. Again thanks! It shows how much fun to live with your loved one is and she has a great smile!

  50. I’m awe-struck. Such an array of inspiring pictures that forcing me to take a tour to the other world. Great Work Dan 🙂

  51. aijikatravelcafe@gmail.com' Aijika says:

    What a beautiful article! you make me happy for this photos.
    You have a incredible Great skill in photography ,
    all angle are awesome! for me, i want to improve my skills in photography..
    and i’ll wait for your next adventure.. and thanks for this adventure i felt like im in on your adventure 😀 keep it great !

  52. er.nitinsingh93@gmail.com' Nitin singh says:

    Diversity and beauty on earth these 27 photographs describe all the things,Thank you very much.

  53. meganeileen.mcd@gmail.com' Megan Eileen says:

    I love the wintery photo of Neuschwanstien Castle in Germany!

  54. bruleaadriana@gmail.com' Kago says:

    These kind of pictures always remind me that there’s so much beauty in the world that I haven’t discovered yet. Man, I have so many places to visit!

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