Frequently Asked Questions

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Have a question?  If you don’t see it listed below, contact me here.

Who are you?

Check out my About Me page for more info.

When did you start traveling?

I been traveling since college, and prior to the big RTW trip I simply traveled as much as I could while working full-time.

What are you going to do with your stuff while you are gone?

I own a condo in Minneapolis that I am renting out fully furnished.  In planning for the big trip, I sold many things: Two cars, snowboards, clothes, books, electronics, shoes, etc.  I also gave away many things, and made it a goal to bring one garbage bag full of clutter to the Salvation Army per month, a tip I would recommend to anyone trying to de-clutter.

What about your jobs?

I quit.

What are you going to do when you come back?

I am now work full-time again in Minneapolis, MN.  If you’re ever in town, drop me a line!

Can I meet up with you?

Absolutely! Get in touch on Facebook or contact me here.

How much does it cost to travel?

I travel the budget way: lodging in hostels and local guesthouses, opting for less touristy neighborhoods, cooking my own meals when I can, and finding as many free activities as possible. For my 18 month trip we successfully spent an average of $50 per day, per person.

How did you save enough money to travel?

We had been saving for about 3 years, using a separate bank account, and cutting spending on things that can be costly and were less important to us than travel: home projects, clothing, and restaurants, for example.  Selling a lot of my stuff prior to the trip also made a big impact in my savings account balance.  I also founded a digital web agency to help fund the traveling once I was on the road: Black Beach Digital.

Who built your website?

I am an online/web professional and built the website myself.  I use WordPress for our CMS.  I now run a responsive website design business full-time from the road.(see above)

What sports teams do you support?


Packers, Brewers, Warriors, Badgers, Tottenham, T-Wolves.

Did you buy a round-the-world plane ticket?

No, I decided to buy plane tickets and other transportation as I go.  If you put the research time into it, buying tickets as you go will almost alway be cheaper and much more flexible than buying one ticket at the beginning of a trip.  Check out my flight hacking guide to get you started.

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How do you keep track of all the hotels you book?

I actually book very few hotels in advance.  I do a lot of research about a destination about one month before I will be getting there, and I determine then whether I will book a hotel in advance or wait until I arrive to find accommodations.  I also utilize websites that offer free or cheap places to stay, i.e. and

What travel blogs and sites do you follow?

You can read about which sites I visit here: Travel Inspiration Blogs and Websites Links





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