Quitting Our Jobs

Published On January 8, 2013 | By Dan | Recent, Travel Journal, Travel Planning
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There are many sacrifices to make when leaving home for extended traveling.  Leaving a career behind is a nerve-racking, scary decision to make.  It makes it even harder when there are two of us, and each of us have to leave our careers (at least for now).  We both enjoy what we are doing, where we work, the people we work with, etc.  For us, it comes down to this simple fact: there will never be the perfect time to leave a career.

So this month, both of us resigned and told our employers that we will be embarking on this journey.  We each left on good terms and with great memories of our workplace.  No job is perfect, but Alissa and I have been fortunate to have great jobs over the last five years.  Part of me wishes we hated our jobs…then we would have no issues leaving, and maybe we’d be able to leave like Guillermo Díaz does in Half Baked.  In the end, quitting ended up being pretty uneventful, and much less of a deal than either of us expected.  Just one more thing to check off the list before we fly away in a few weeks!

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