50 Awesome Travel Blog Name Ideas

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50 77 Awesome Travel Blog Name Ideas

When I was getting ready to launch my travel blog, I had a really tough time picking a name for the blog.  In reality, the name of a travel blog isn’t as important as you might think.  It isn’t as important as quality writing, a well-designed site, a good brand, and a lot of content.  However, your name is still a big piece of the puzzle, and should be something you like and can live with.  To come up with my blog’s name, I did an exercise to come up with as many awesome travel blog names as possible and then slowly narrowed it down to my current name.  I thought I would share this list with any future travel bloggers who are currently brainstorming for a name.  Not all of these were from my original list, as I have added more since, so go ahead and use this list as a starting point for your own brainstorming.
UPDATE:  Feel free to use any of these names for your own travel blog.  People have been emailing me a lot asking if they can use a name on the list.  You don’t need my permission to use any of these names since I don’t own any of them.  I also don’t own any of the domain names, so if it’s already taken there isn’t anything I can do.  Good luck in your search!

1. Out of the Office – For a former cubicle worker who wants to quit and to put up an indefinite email out of office notification.

2. Plastic Free World  – This one was suggested by Faith, a zero-waste activist from Plastimistic, who suggested someone visits places around the world where people are finding creative ways to make travel more sustainable and waste-free.

3. Tweet Pray Love – The digital version of famous book/movie.  Thanks to @AndyMonfre for this one!

4.  Losing Sight of the Shore – How does the saying go? “You can’t discover a new ocean until you have the courage to lose sight of the shore.”

5. Forks In The Road – For a traveler who loves food and decisions!

6. Corners of the World – This is a good domain name that is available: CornersoftheWorld.com

7. Navigatio – No, I didn’t forget the N, Navigatio is actually Latin for Voyage.

8. The Hum of the Earth – Instead of looking for the scum of the Earth, you seek the good, or what ‘makes us hum’.  Domain is available: HumoftheEarth.com

9. Tray Tables & Seat Backs – Travel bloggers can recite this entire speech by memory.

10. Binge Travelers– BingeTravelers.com is available too, which is a great domain.

11. Uneven Pavement – The types of roads travelers crave

12. Loose Gravel – Same idea as above

13. Cats and Dogs Living Together – Are you planning on having chaotic travels?  Here’s a salute to Bill Murray’s description of chaos in Ghostbusters.

14. Get Busy Livin’ – For Shawshank fans.  Instead of Livin’ you could replace it with your name, like “Get Busy Jenny”

15. Someday This Day – Make your own meaning of it.

16. Showering in the Ocean – For the beach lover.

17. Bathing in the Ocean – Variation of above.

18. Both Paths – For a traveler like us who likes mixing in both the beaten path and unbeaten path.

19. Where the Heart Is – Home is…

20. The Long and Winding – One of my favorite Beatles songs.

21. Cark Muban – Mark Cuban once did a gap year, so pay homage to him by creating his alter ego and doing your own trip.

22. All Systems Whoa – There are a lot of names you can create by changing the word “go” to “whoa” in popular catch phrases.

23. Away We Whoa – See above

24. Ready, Set, Whoa – See above

25. On the Whoa – Ok, you get the idea by now

26. Here Goes – “Here goes nothing!”

27. One Point Five Billion Inches –  The circumference of the Earth is 1.5 billion inches.

28. Around the Tellus – Tellus is Latin for Earth

29. Around the Orbis – Orbis is Latin for World

30. Turn Turn Turn – Referring to the constant turning while traveling, both good turns and bad.

31. YOUR NAME on Earth – This works really well if your name rhymes with ‘heaven’, i.e. Kevin, Devin, Gavin, Evan, Melvin, etc…

32. Cold Turkey – This could be for a blogger who had to quit something addictive in order to travel.  i.e. shopping, alcohol, drugs, video games, over-working, etc.

33. Like Nothing I’ve Seen – A blog about seeing and experiencing new, exotic adventures.

34. Salt of the Earth – This sounds a bit Biblical, but that’s because it is a Bible phrase.  However, it can still apply the our natural world.  Domain available: SaltoftheEarth.com

35. Off the Face – Basically letting people know you’ve fallen(jumped) off the face of the Earth.

36. Reset ReBoot Record – Someone who left home to get a fresh start, and is recording the progress in the blog.  You could do a cool logo with the three R’s.

37. Re* Re* Record – Replace the first two “re”-words with any two words on this list.  Find two words that fit your situation the best.

38. One Big Rock – That’s all Earth is right?

39. Off and Running – For all the travel runners out there.

40. Travel Travel Travel – Pizza Pizza

41. Text Me Later – I’m gone for a while.

42. My Final Frontier – Star trek fan?

43. Each City a Rhapsody – For the musically inclined.

44. Jet Set Brunette – Sorry blondes, this one isn’t for you.

45. Redefined Timeline – Define the change of pace and scenery in your life.

46. Every Corner a Story – Awesome stories are everywhere you look, all over the globe.

47. Miles and Smiles Away – Miles, and miles, and miles, and miles, away….

48. Roam Sweet Roam – Roam is the new Home (apparently there was a documentary with this title in 1996)

49. Why Don’t You Babe – A play on the Supremes song

50. No Particular Place to Go – For the wandering blogger. 

Reader added Travel Blog Names:

51. So This is How I Die – From Stetson at Sergio’s Samba

52. WanderingOmies.com – From Brandon at TheYogaNomads.com

These are from Brian at Blancette:

53. Three If By Sky – modern twist on an old classic, nobody suspected the British of coming through the air.

54. Traveling Like LeBron – Ah ah ah…too many steps

55. Hostel Takeover – no hostilities on this blog

56. Bloggers Without Borders – give back to the world and do some pro bono blogging.

57. Boats and Phos: A Maritime Tour of Southeast Asia

58. The Gumshoes – some of us never gave up chasing Carmen Sandiego

59. The Planeteers – which one are you? Earth, wind, water, fire, or heart?

60. Sergeant Planet – ’cause nobody out ranks the Captain

These are from Tina at GypsySpirit.com:

61. Nowhere in Particular

62. Gypsy Soul 

63. Riding the Waves

64. Smells Like Gypsy

65. Gypsy Rhapsody

66. Gone Traveling

67. Life in a Bag

68. Hugging the Road

69. [yourname] Pilgrim

70. [yourname] Supertramp

These are from WildWanderess.com:

71. The Runaway Girl

72. Gypsy Girl Travels

73. The Simple Sojourn

74. Rooftops and Flipflops

75. Edge of the Sand

76. The Lost Gurl

77. Gutsy Girl Travel



Put your ideas in the comments below and I’ll add them to the list along with your name and site.


Still can’t decide?  Here are some great books for some inspiration:

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