Three Things You Need To Consider Before Booking That Round The World Trip

Published On February 3, 2017 | By Staff Writer | Travel Planning
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We all hear stories about regular people who just seemingly drop everything, quit their jobs and begin travelling the world for a year. This is quite a romantic idea, and one that many of us tend to get swept up in. But in real life, it probably isn’t as dreamy as it all seems. Although these trips may seem impromptu to an outsider, in reality they have probably taken months of planning. While it is true that SOME people are able to just drop everything and leave, most of us would find it very difficult to do that. After all, we all have jobs, families and other responsibilities that keep us tied to our homes. Plus, there is so much to organize before you go away! If you really want your trip to run smoothly with no hitches, you will need to consider quite a few different things before you go ahead and book.


It’s the subject no one wants to talk about – but unfortunately, to a certain extent, money does make the world go around! You will need to have a lot of funds in the bank for your trip, especially if you are planning on travelling for a number of months. Flights, especially the initial ones, can be pricey, and paying for your visas may eat into your budget a significant amount as well. If you are going to travel for a while, you can forget about fancy accommodation – hostels and Airbnbs are generally much cheaper and are better value for money. If you have to, do some overtime at work before you leave – it will also be beneficial for you to have an emergency fund in the bank, just in case anything happens and you need to fly home urgently.


You probably don’t think too much about your fitness levels when booking a vacation. After all, isn’t travelling supposed to be your time to relax? Well, yes of course. But it is also a time where you may be required to do a LOT of walking and other stamina-focused activities. Much of this will be across country too, especially if you are visiting somewhere such as Asia or South America. Stock up on some fitness equipment so you can build yourself up before your trip – save some money by  accessing this 10% voucher for newsletter registration.


Although many places in the world do speak English (it is thought to be the third most widely spoken language in the world) you will probably stumble across regions and cities who simply don’t. Planning on travelling for a while? Make an effort to learn some different language, even just the basics. Not only does it look courteous (expecting everyone else to speak your language can sometimes come across as arrogant) but it can prove a huge help to you. Basic everyday tasks, such as buying food, will no longer be so intimidating – and it can be really useful in an emergency, should you need to communicate with someone.



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