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Published On February 10, 2014 | By Dan | What's In Our Bags?
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Dan is carrying a 15-inch Macbook Pro.


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is the founding traveler of This World Rocks. He enjoys writing in the present tense, is an avid sports fan, former NBA dunk team member, aspiring videographer, and a WWII & Civil War history nerd.

6 Responses to My Computer

  1.' Jackie Fenn says:

    Any specific reason you brought laptops and an ipad? I’m looking at the Microsoft surface tablet with attachable keyboard so I can blog, research, upload photos and watch the occasional movie. Have you found you need the laptop or ipad significantly more than the other? Laptops just seem so heavy…

    • Alissa says:

      I think your idea of a convertible tablet is great. The only reason we have laptops is because I do some freelance web development occasionally and Dan needs his for video editing.

    • Dan says:

      To add to what Alissa said: I only really carry an iPad because my computer is pretty big and not easy to bring out on buses/planes/etc. I only have a big computer because of the video/web work that I do for our small business. The ipad is used for watching movies, as a kindle, and casual web browsing. If I didn’t have the web design business, I would probably carry a Macbook Air and a kindle, with no ipad.

  2.' Mihir says:

    Hi How was your experience with internet availability/connectivity while passing east Africa?

    Awaiting Reply


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