Sydney’s Coastal Walk

Published On February 9, 2013 | By This World Rocks | Australia, Recent, South Pacific, Travel Journal
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We’ve been in Sydney for two days, and most of our time has been spent exploring the beaches. With some help from TripAdvisor and our Airbnb hosts we found the Coastal Walk, a 6 km trail from Coogee Beach to Bondi Beach.

We started at Bondi Junction station, a hub for many bus and train routes. We took the bus to Coogee Beach to start, from a tip that Bondi is easier to catch a bus back. Coogee Beach is a wide, beautiful beach with laid back, beach bum vibe. Many beach professionals had umbrellas, tents, coolers, or boogie boards. The waves not as popular for surfing as some of the other beaches, so people were swimming anywhere without worrying about getting in the way of a surfboard.

After a quick bite at a popular chicken place nearby, we headed north on the walk. The terrain is a combination of board walk, well-worn trails, rock, and sidewalk, mostly with railings and clear signposts. We walked past Gordon’s Bay, an inlet with lots of snorkelers, Clovelly Beach, a long, well-groomed sandy beach, and Waverley Cemetery, with its striking, vast rows of tombstones right on the ocean.

When we came to Bronte Beach, we decided to stop and enjoy the park and swimming areas. The park has large grassy areas, where we threw around the frisbee we brought, and lots of playground and sports equipment that looked well-cared for. Bronte Beach is family friendly and relaxed, with a perfect rock pool near the beach on one end, and large, crashing waves throughout the rest of the long beach. We jumped in, rode some waves, and got thrown into the beach with the rest of the swimmers.

Most of these beaches have pavilions with bathrooms, showers, and a snack bar, so we took advantage of the facilities before continuing the walk. Tamarama Beach and Park had more lovely sand and lovely people, then it was up to Mackenzies point for a windy, but amazing view of the whole length of the coast we just walked.

Our last stop was the famous Bondi Beach, the largest and most popular beach in Sydney. Dozens of surfers bobbed in the waves, while hundreds of other locals and tourists set up spots on the beach with picnics, games, or just lying in the sun. We cooled off by walking ankle-deep on the shore and took some pictures trying to capture the atmosphere of so many people enjoying the beach.

We finished our day with some delicious fish tacos at Beach Burrito Company, and found a bus back to Bondi Junction. (A tip: get the bus on the northern side of the beach if its late in the day, many stops after that were bypassed completely because the bus was so full of worn out beach-goers).

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