When, Where, Why: How to Choose a Holiday Destination

Published On July 30, 2013 | By Staff Writer | Travel Guides, Travel Planning
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Most of us relish the opportunity to take a little time away from work, to do something we enjoy with the people we love. For some, this might mean a week lounging in the Mediterranean sunshine, whilst for others it could mean a weekend in a romantic European city.

The key to getting what we want from a holiday is all in the planning. Here, we consider the most important factors to help you choose the perfect holiday destination for this season.


The timing of a holiday is something which will vary from person to person and is something which could have a considerable impact on which destination is right for you.

Prices vary throughout the season and for travellers working with a small budget, it can be a good idea to book early and travel outside of peak times. Those with young children may be restricted by their school term and in this instance, booking well in advance is advised.


Your motivation for taking a break is likely to dictate the kind of holiday you’d most enjoy, and therefore your destination. If you’ve been working hard all year, you’re likely to enjoy a destination which allows you to put your feet up and relax in the sun.

If you’re looking for a bit of fun and an adventure, you might be happier with a skiing holiday or even an activities trip to a sunny European island. Check with Club Med for a list of destinations that suit the purpose of your trip.


Having considered why you want to take a holiday and when it will be possible for you to do so, you’ll be in a strong position to narrow down the destinations from which you can choose. When making a final selection, it can be helpful to read reviews from others who have travelled here in the past.

In Europe, we are lucky enough to have a whole host of the world’s finest holiday destinations right on our doorstep. Whether you’ve decided to take a trip to the mountains to brush up on your skiing or are looking for a secluded island on which to do nothing for a week or two, you can be sure that either is well within your reach.

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