Where to Vacation When You’re Looking for an Adventure

Published On December 30, 2014 | By Staff Writer | Travel Planning
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Everybody likes a bit of adventure, and adventure vacations give you the chance to explore some of the world’s most unusual and exciting places. Test the limits of your courage and learn new skills in the process as you take on amazing challenges. Explore beautiful wild landscapes, meet dangerous animals and pit yourself against the elements to experience thrills you’ll never forget.

Five fantastic adventure destinations

There’s a world out there full of thrilling places to explore, but these are among the best outdoor traveler destinations anywhere:

  • Arizona – see ancient ruins, petrified forests, the most spectacular night sky you’ve ever seen, and you’ll have the chance to go white water rafting in the Grand Canyon.
  • Montana – there’s lots to explore in the amazing Glacier National Park, where you can go hiking, cross-country skiing or mountain climbing.
  • Alaska – you can sail between icebergs to reach a land ideal for skiing, tobogganing, dog sledding or whale watching. Just watch out for polar bears!
  • North Dakota – real adrenaline junkies can take on the challenge of the state’s 24-hour endurance races, including river swimming and bouldering.
  • Florida – the strange landscape of the Everglades, where wild alligators and giant pythons lie in wait, is just a prelude to the excitement of surfing or kiteboarding around the Keys.

Be prepared

If you are going adventuring you will need to be properly dressed, with layered clothing that doesn’t restrict movement and the right footwear for the activities you plan to undertake. Take your waterproofs if you plan to go kayaking or rafting, and don’t forget that you’ll need sunglasses in snowy places just as much as in hot ones. Make sure you have a basic first aid kit and, if you’re going into the wild without support, take a good knife, a rope and some condoms (not for what you think – they’re the best way to keep things dry if you have to ford a river or cope with really heavy rain). If you want souvenirs of your trip, you should also take a suitably rugged camera.

Before you go on any adventure it’s really important to make sure you’re suitably insured. You may need specialist sports insurance to make sure you’re properly covered.

When you know all these things have been taken care of, you can really let go and enjoy the adventure of a lifetime.


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