Top 5 Offline Mobile Apps for On-the-Road Entertainment

Published On January 20, 2017 | By Staff Writer | Travel Planning
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Let’s face it, the downside to budget travel is the fact that you may need to spend countless hours, if not days, traveling by bus or train to get to your destination. While this small sacrifice and is well worth the trouble, sometimes it’s nice to have something to do besides reading the one book you managed to fit in your bag; especially if you are travelling alone.

Depending on your route, you may have the luxury of an internet connection. Just in case you have opted for a more authentic (and less urban) route, you’ll be glad to hear that the following apps require absolutely no internet connection to enjoy.

5. Temple Run 2

Available for Android and iOS users, this hands down one of the most addictive offline mobile games ever made. Dive, jump and dodge obstacles while racing through a seemingly endless track while collecting treasure as you level up. The best part about this game is that despite its simplicity it gets progressively more difficult, keeping it engaging while the hours just fly by.

4. Wikipedia Encyclopedia Offline

Encyclopedias are heavy, and until now they would rarely be recommended as a backpacking accessory, since packing just the basics for a long trip is challenging enough. The Wikipedia Encyclopedia app has now made it possible for you to prove people wrong in petty historical arguments without needing a heavy set of leather-bound books. With millions of articles at your fingertips, you can browse and learn about whatever your heart desires no matter where you are – as long as your phone is charged, of course.

3. Vegas Slots Party

Aching for a bit of flashy distraction? The Vegas Slots Party app is a 100% offline casino app that allows you to play several types of slot machines. Dynamic sound effects and lively animations are sure to brighten up your trip. Should you be interested in hitting some real money reels once you’re reconnected to the web you can try out one of these real money mobile casinos. Until then you can enjoy the calming tings and flashing colors on this play-for-fun app.

2. Pocket

This incredible app allows you to ‘pocket’ articles from the web and save them of an offline folder for you to read later. If you are too tired to read through an interesting article online once you finally do manage to reach one of you pit-stop hostels, simply save them to the Pocket app and read them once you get some free time. Whether you are using an Android or iPhone, you can now bookmark the articles you can’t be bothered to read to save them for those long and, until now, boring hours spent on buses, flights and trains. This is especially great for saving relevant info on your travel destinations rather than relying on outdated Lonely Planet guides.

1. Amazon Kindle App

In case you don’t have an e-Reader, this application will allow you to carry hundreds of books around the world without adding an ounce to your backpack. While book exchanges are a great way to explore new literature while discovering new corners of the world, if you are a selective reader then you may want to download and prepare a library of books and guides to take with you on your journey in advance. You can download this superb app on the iTunes AppStore or GooglePlay.

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