Timely Traveling – When Is The Best Time To Visit Popular Cities?

Published On July 2, 2019 | By Staff Writer | Travel Planning
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When you are planning a getaway it is important to keep timing in mind. Time of year makes a big difference with what you can expect weather-wise, and you really need to plan your trip accordingly. If you are a frequent traveller you will already know what some of the top tourist cities around the globe are, but what you may not know is the best time to visit popular cities 

It would be a big disappointment if you visited a place that your heart was set on, only for bad weather to ruin your experience. Every popular city in the world is going to have dos and don’ts when it comes to the time of year you visit. It really isn’t that difficult though, as your travel dates will usually coincide with the best weather.

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular cities in the world and the best times to visit them.

Miami, Florida, USA

People have been holidaying in Miami for decades and with good reason. Who wouldn’t want to take a trip to the stunning beaches of Miami, or go to a basketball game, or take part in any of the incredible family-friendly activities available within easy reach of the city? You want to be careful when planning a trip here, as the temperatures can get very warm during summer and then it’s hurricane season too. Your best option to visit Miami is going to be during their winter to spring seasons. It should be safe to plan a trip anywhere from the end of November into April, however, this is peak season for tourism. 

Bangkok, Thailand

Currently, Bangkok is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the entire world. There is so much to see and do in this incredibly vibrant city not to mention relaxing with a Thai massage, eating authentic Thai food, and soaking up the culture. As Bangkok has a tropical climate, it gets very hot and humid in March, April and May with monsoon rains from July to October. Anywhere from November to March is a safe bet weather-wise, but this will be the busiest time with other tourists.

Paris, France

Ah Paris, the city where love is always in the air, as well as the smell of freshly baked baguettes. There is no wonder why Paris is a bucket list destination for so many, it has a romantic image and is associated with falling in love. As well as all the romance, Paris also has some of the finest art galleries and architectural displays on the planet. While there isn’t really a bad time to visit Paris, April to June and October to early November have mild pleasant weather and the tourist crowds are smaller than in summer. The cheapest time to visit Paris is winter from early December to February. Regardless of the time of year, Paris is always a good idea.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Like a mirage, Dubai has literally risen from the desert to become one of the biggest tourist destinations in the world. There is a lot of money in this region and they have invested it into some pretty spectacular things. A trip to Dubai is a very unique experience, but it won’t come cheap either. As it’s in the desert, it is never going to be cool or cold in this city but it is best to visit between November and April.

Timely Travels

While we have only touched on a fraction of the world’s popular cities here, it always pays to travel at the optimal times regardless of where you are going. By being cautious of your travel timing you can have the best possible experience during your visit. Just make sure to check things in advance while planning and you should not have to worry about visiting a city at the wrong time.



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