The Four Lesser-Known Tourist Attractions in Orlando That You Need to Know About

Published On June 30, 2019 | By Staff Writer | Travel Planning, USA
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Orlando is known for its huge variety of tourist attractions for young and old. People are visiting this place every day, to visit the popular attractions they’ve read about, but there is so much more to see than the typical places like Disney and Universal!

You have visited Orlando a couple of times. If you think that you were at all the tourist attractions, and you have seen everything, then you are mistaken. There is so much more to Orlando than just the theme parks, especially if you rent a car in the airport in Orlando upon flying in. With these four lesser-known tourist attractions, you will see a completely another part of Orlando and still, have the best time ever.

The Fountain of Youth

If you are one of those that are hoping to stay young forever, then this is the place that you should visit. The fountain of Youth is Ponce de Leon’s (alleged) landing site in Florida and is actually known as “Fountain of Youth Archaeological Park.”

This park is just an hour’s drive from Orlando. There isn’t really a fountain, but a natural spring. Many people have visited this place before, seeking youth. Even, if this isn’t proven that the natural spring is really working, this is a great place to visit because of the beautiful park and the history behind it.

Indoor Skydiving

Are you always wondering how it is going to feel to go skydiving, but you are way too afraid to try it? Then Orlando has the answer. You can go and enjoy their indoor skydiving. This is where you are going to learn everything about skydiving, and even experience skydiving.

However, you are staying indoors. There are no risks, no dangers and everyone in the family can join in the fun. This is something completely different that you can do when the weather in Orlando is forcing you indoors. You will not realize how much fun this can be until you have tried this for the first time. This is actually just a wind tunnel where you can enjoy the wind, air, and some laughter.


Do you always want to meet an alligator up close and personal? But without the dangers? Then a visit to the Orlando Gatorland is your answer. This is a theme park and nature reserve that was founded by Owen Godwin.

Not only will you learn more about alligators, but you will also be able to see one in real life. See one up close. However, this isn’t the only thing that you will see at this nature reserve. There is a zip line that you can experience, a petting zoo for your children and an animal show. A great place for a day full of family fun.

Kennedy Space Center

This might not be everyone’s cup of tea, however, if you or your children are fascinated with space, then this is something to see. This is the Kennedy Space Center. Not just a museum where you can see some space photos. This is the actual NASA’s launch headquarters. Here you can meet actual astronauts, and experience flight simulators. This space center is a dream come true for kids that are dreaming about becoming astronauts.  The Kennedy Space Center is about an hour away via car from the city center, so renting a car in Orlando and driving yourself to the coast is key to getting there.

If you are lucky enough, you might even see an actual rocket launch. You should check the schedule online if you don’t want to miss out on this one.

If you think that Walt Disney World resort and Magic Kingdom Park is the only things you can enjoy in Orlando, then you are in for a big surprise. There are so many other attractions that you can enjoy as well. Less-known attractions that will be just as fun for the whole family. And, the best part is that not many people know about these places, so it won’t be crowded. These four Lesser-Known Tourist Attractions in Orlando is something that you should make time for, next time when you are driving to Orlando.

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