Experiencing The Philippines: Top Tips For The Best Vacation

Published On July 11, 2019 | By Staff Writer | Philippines, Travel Planning
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If you are planning a relaxing island retreat to the budding travel destination that is the Philippines, you should take care in planning your trip to ensure that do not miss out on any amazing experiences. The Philippines is a top-rated destination for scuba diving and several thrilling water activities. While there is so much to explore in the enchanting waters here, the sun-drenched land offers amazing attractions that you will not want to miss out on. Here are a few great tips that will help you plan the most memorable vacation. 

The Perfect Season For Scuba Diving

It is best to plan your trip during the southern monsoon season, which is from November to June, as the weather conditions this time of year are most well-suited for scuba diving. During the southern monsoon season, the temperatures are pleasantly warm for the water and the air and as it will be raining from time to time, you should pack accordingly. A scuba diving experience this time of year allows tourists to easily spot thresher sharks, whale sharks, and several other incredible marine life. Liquid Dive Dumaguete is just one of several diving resorts located in the Philippines that have certified diving instructors available to ensure you are able to take advantage of all that the waters of the region have to offer. 

Celebration And Festivals 

Wherever you decide to travel to within the region, there will most likely be an abundance of celebrations to experience. From exciting parties to incredible festivals, the Philippine nation is known for its warming hospitality. You can expect to find yourself enjoying the bliss of street dancing. Ati-Atihan is a festival that takes place in Kalibo during January and during the festive time, the locals encourage visitors to join in on the memorable fun. 

The Local Cuisine

During a vacation to the Philippines, you should definitely experience the mouthwatering cuisine of the locals. Even though the region is not specifically known for its cuisine, there is no reason why you shouldn’t try unique foods such as Abobo, Kinilaw, Boodle fight and other dishes with interesting names. 

What To Pack

The Philippines tropical climate makes it incredibly easy for packing accordingly. If you are planning on heading North to hike through the rice terraces, it is best to pack a light jacket that is waterproof as the weather is slightly cooler. Be sure to pack in loads of sunscreen to keep your skin protected and a good pair of hiking shoes are advised for exciting adventure trails. You will also need to pack in your beach gear for those relaxing days you hope to spend soaking up the warm tropical sun.

Planning Your Budget

A trip to this budding tourist destination is surprisingly pocket-friendly as accommodation can cost anywhere between $7 and $60 per night depending on the type. A lavish evening out to a fancy restaurant will only set you back about $12 and transportation services offer affordable local flights from $50 to $100. The affordability of a vacation here will allow you to experience as much as possible during your stay. 



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