The Smart Way to Buy Horse Trailers

Published On August 15, 2016 | By Staff Writer | Travel Planning
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When investing in a trailer the budget is often the first thing that dictates the choice. However, a smarter choice can be made if you can judge between the features you would need and features that you don’t. Most often, buyers end up paying for features that look cool but are rarely put into use. For example, if you are looking for a trailer for longer haul, durability and ease of operation must become the priority rather than the design.

Generally, the first choice comes to the design of the trailer. There are two popular variants you can opt for – bumper pull or tag along and goosenecks.

The advantages with a bumper pull trailer:

  • Bumper pull trailers come with a lower price tag than gooseneck ones
  • They are compatible with a wide range of towing vehicles – ranging from mini vans to SUVs and big trucks
  • Demands less space for storage
  • Small turning radius and thus is easier to make turns behind your towing vehicle
  • Less complicated licensing process – doesn’t require a commercial license in most states
  • The greater popularity of bumper pull trailers also ensure that you can easily get a tow in emergencies

Disadvantages of bumper pull horse trailers:

  • Stability problems have been reported in bumper pull when hauling more than three horses and if the horses haven’t been loaded properly
  • Lack of sleeping quarters as provided by gooseneck variants

The advantages with gooseneck trailers:

  • Can carry more weight and offer maximum stability
  • A tighter turning radius allows for maneuverability through tighter spaces
  • Extra storage / sleeping space in the same floor length

Disadvantages with gooseneck horse trailers:

  • Costlier than a bumper pull variant and further can only be compatible with a pickup truck
  • Tighter turning radius makes it riskier in the turns
  • You might have to struggle to find emergency towing vehicles
  • The licensing for gooseneck trailers is a complicated process as they go under commercial trailers
  • Storage issues as they take up more space than bumper pull ones

However, both bumper pull and 2 horse gooseneck trailer is ideally suited for longer hauls. Further, both provide the safety necessary to carry animals through any distance. You can check out online to find the best horse trailers for sale.

For the buyers, it is necessary that to understand how frequently the trailer will be put to use. There is no use of investing in a costly gooseneck and going through the complicated licensing if you are rarely travelling with your horses and for shorter distance. Two trips with a bumper pull trailers will do the job.



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