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Published On March 21, 2018 | By Staff Writer | Travel Planning
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The importance of planning when thinking about traveling cannot be ignored. You need plan your time, finances and the items you need to carry with you. You should prepare well for your time so that you are not encumbered with mild inconveniences like forgetting to carry your camera. Forgetting to carry your passport, while a full-blown emergency, can dampen your moods when you are asked to pay more for a rescheduled flight and the hotel you had earlier booked also asking for more money.

First-time travelers would particularly find a checklist when packing handy to remind them of everything that they supposed to pack for a smooth trip.

Travel documents

Customs won’t allow you to go past the check-in counter if you don’t carry your passport with you. Make sure your passport is valid and if you are traveling to a country that requires a visa, ensure you get it in enough time before you leave. However, some countries do allow for instant visa applications at the destination airport.

It is important to have copies of your travel documents in your phone in case of theft or loss.

Get travel insurance and notify your bank

It’s not mandatory but travel insurance covers damages to your property when traveling and staying abroad and on the whole, it doesn’t cost much. Travel insurance is your safety net in case something goes wrong. They will compensate you for damage or loss of property and take care of your bills should you have a medical emergency.

It is important to notify your bank of your travel plans, so they don’t block your credit cards when you try to use them in a foreign country. Also, while you are at it, ask about the fees for international transactions.

Vaccination certificate

If you’re required to have any vaccinations, it is important to get them early enough before you take your trip. Check which vaccines in advance you need to take and get a vaccination certificate. It depends on the country you are traveling to, but it is better you have the certificate ready with you, and together with your travel documents in case they are requested.

Know where you are traveling to

You have no excuse for being ignorant of the culture and laws of the place you are visiting. The internet has a lot of information on pretty much every place in this world, and you can easily look what to expect upon landing. Sites like tourist 2 traveler are handy when planning your travel abroad.

Plus, now there are many travel apps that you can easily download. You’ll find accommodation, social amenities and everything you need to know about your destination includes cuisines, common etiquette rules, and the weather.

Your embassy will have information on the political and security situations in different parts of the country, and it is important to register with them. Further, they can provide evacuations if they are aware of your presence in the country during emergencies. The embassy will also help you when you lose your travel documents.




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