When the Surf is High, Be Sure You’re Not Going Out There Unprepared

Published On March 21, 2018 | By Staff Writer | Travel Planning
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Let’s face it, surfing is not your regular kind of sport. It is one of the most challenging because the playground is constantly changing – not one wave, not one tide, not one reef, is the same. You never tell when the conditions at sea will become less predictable or downright turbulent. There is no telling when a huge wave is going to pass overhead and send you plummeting down to the sea floor.

Confidence is everything in the surfing game. But it is not enough if you don’t get your skill right to put you in control. You need to be both ready and prepared to take the waves on, which is the fun part of the sport.

Just how do you get ready and prepared for your surf?

It all starts with understanding how the waves move and break. Get a sense of what happens when you are underwater with a huge wave passing above your head. Suppose you broke your leash or lose your surfboard, can you swim?

Readiness means being able to have fun riding waves out there in a broad range of conditions and having the means to paddle your way out of the waters when you need to.

There is no room for uncertainty.

Take your breathing lessons

To feel really confident on your surfboard with everything moving so fast and you even faster, you have to be convinced that you can handle the situation. Breath-hold training with help boost your confidence knowing that you can comfortably hold your breath underwater should it get to that. The last thing you want out at sea is a pounding heart and fear or getting wiped out. Your body responds to your brain; so, the mere knowledge that you can hold your breath for a long time will actually help you do so.

Get yourself in shape

As much as your brain controls your surfing to a large extent, it is your body that does the execution. It goes without saying then, that physical fitness is a requirement. Surfing is physically demanding. You don’t want to run out of breath just when dare-dancing on the biggest wave. Some surf training starting many weeks or months before taking to the sea will help make the sport feel less arduous.

Getting in shape also means learning how to swim well – you’ll need the skills. Make a point to drop by the local swimming pool more often that you typically do. Then alternate this with regular surf sessions under a good instructor.

Put together the right equipment

Once your body is ready to do its part, it’s time to get your tools ready. Get the right surfboard, surf gear and your well-fitting wetsuit. You often will be advised to carry two surfboards for every surfing expedition; for just in case you damage one.

More importantly, be sure to buy a surfboard tourniquet and carry it along with your first aid kit. Check to ensure that the first aid kit you carry on your surf trip has all the basic essentials that you may always need any time during the expedition.


Contrary to what you might have expected, preparing for a successful surfing experience is just that simple. Pay attention to every detail and you’ll be set to take on any wave.




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