How To Best Document Your Trip To Saigon

Published On June 12, 2019 | By Staff Writer | Travel Planning
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Life is full of adventures and when you are on one most of us want to share the experience and how is the best way to do this? Saigon also known as Ho Chi Minh is a perfect place for this. There are various ways to document and show what you are up to and we are going to go through these and see what’s involved and how effective each method might actually be in practice. Saigon has always been a great place and beautiful city to visit, so you will want to get the best out of your trip, I have found pics of Asia to be amongst t.

Create A Blog

Creating a travel blog is a great way to document what you have been up to and not just for yourself, this way others can follow your adventure as you go and get involved. It’s amazing once you start blogging about where you are how many people get in touch and give recommendations etc which can only make the experience better. You will also then always be able to go back and relive the experience in the future. Remember to pick a name of the blog that’s concise and explanatory such as Dave’s Photography Vietnam or similar.

Make A YouTube Channel

If you are going to be blogging anyway why not go one step further and set up a YouTube channel and share via videos and vlogs what you are up to. With mobile technology this is easier than ever and you can show where you are in real time and offer explanations, thoughts and musings as you go, it’s essentially your chance to make a travel documentary.

Go On A Guided Photo Tour

If you get a good guided tour organized this can really help you get the best Saigon skyline photo spots as their local knowledge will really help you get the best out of this. If you know what type of shots you are after then they can help find the best Ho Chi Minh areas for what you require. They will have had this many times before and if can clearly outline your requirements in advance then there is a good chance that the tour operator will be able to accommodate them.

Use Your Social Media Accounts

As well as starting new blogs and vlogs don’t forget to use your existing networks, social networks that is. If you have a decent number of Facebook, Twitter or Instagram followers then it would be daft not to make use of them, wouldn’t it? Even use these safer spaces by posting to just your friends to see the reaction before committing posts to blogs etc.

Notes, Sketches & Drawings

Sometimes we are so drawn into the online world and sharing our fantastic street photography in Ho Chi Minh, which is great, but that we forget of other more personal ways of marking the trip. It’s still a different thing to take your own notes, even sketches and drawings if you are that way inclined and sometimes if something is just for you then it is more important.





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