14 Fun Family Adventure Ideas

Published On October 28, 2014 | By Staff Writer | Travel Planning
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Are you bored of the same old hobbies the family engages in? Want to mix things up and get your kids away from electronics and into the “real world”? Consider these family fun ideas to liven things up.

  • Go on a nature trail, geocaching, or a scavenger hunt. Head away to your preferred forest, swamp, desert, or prairie and discover who may come up with everything on the list first!
  • Paddle around at a water park. Summertime is a good time to seek out the local water park. Older children will enjoy splashing about on all the slides or rides and even little infants may love all the playfulness at the sprinkler park.
  • Travel to the zoo. Too busy during the academic year to come to the local zoo? The perfect time is today! Be sure to check out the schedule beforehand and plan your trip around public lectures and animal expos.
  • Go four wheeling. You can use regular four wheelers or purchase specific kids four wheelers to better accommodate the little ones. Go on some trails and into the woods for excitement.
  • Go rock climbing. Do you enjoy living life on the edge? Going rock climbing may be the athletics for you. Just be sure to experiment with this activity with an experienced teacher who can assure you remain secure while you climb up.
  • Grow a garden. Been eager to plant a garden only cannot find the time? Summertime is the idyllic time to break up earth with all your darling helpers around. For additional fun, try out planting a butterfly garden and bask in the beauty of these beautiful butterflies all summer long.
  • Create sidewalk artwork. Grab a bagful of colored chalk (or create your own pavement chalk!) and head outdoors. Everybody from children to parents will have a good time making their own colored creation.
  • Host a block party. Get together up your neighbors and go to the streets. Bouncing houses, cook out, music, games…
  • Go bird watch. Grab binoculars and a popular birdwatch book and go to your local woods. How many birdies can you detect within an hour? The winner gets a prize.
  • Build an obstacle course. Do you have a lot of old boxes and additional odd things clogging your garage? How about bringing all those random items outside and arrange an obstacle course for the entire family. Get a stopwatch and see who can come through the quickest.
  • Go on a family hiking trip. Do not allow hot weather conditions keep you inside. Go searching your favorite nature location together as a family.
  • Fly a kite. Watch out for those breezy days. They’re perfect for kite flying. For additional amusement, try out creating your own do-it-yourself kite.
  • Construct a tree house. Are the children anxious to have their own tree house? What about constructing one collectively as a family? Not only can it keep everybody engaged, it can be an awesome learning experience as well!
  • Go puddle jumping. Don’t allow those rainy days to bring you down. Let everybody put on a pair of rainboots and some older clothing and go outside. Your children will be joyful when they discover you are actually encouraging them to stomp in all those puddles.

There’s something for everyone to enjoy some family fun!

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