The Street Food Life of the Buzzing London Scene

Published On August 11, 2013 | By Staff Writer | Europe, Travel Guides, Travel Planning
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Nothing beats the comfort of a full blown meal. So if you want to have a feast on the best street food offered for unlimited public consumption, you can try the London Street Food scene. Great city walk adventure coupled with flavorful food trip experience is what you will get with your travels into London, making this a unique trip. Here is some more information on London and its most popular street foods.

Traveling into the ins-and-outs of Local London

Before exploring London’s food scene, it’s still best to know your transportation mode in-and- out of London. One of the fastest ways to travel into London is via Heathrow Express, which can speedily bring you to London from Heathrow within 15 minutes. Upon arrival in London, you can travel around the area via public transport.

Sink Your Teeth on These: Street Food Mania

If you want an alternative to your Greek salads, restaurant five course meals and fine wine dining experience, then we suggest that you immerse yourself amongst the London crowd and try sampling these worldly varieties of flavors and melting pot of exotic ingredients that will surely make your mouth water.

British Pies

Your London Street Food experience is not complete without bulging your tummy with the native British Pie. These delicious pies are served in recipes like scotch eggs, pork pies, chorizo pie, and custard tarts; but the best of them all is the smoked-haddock Scotch egg.

The Paella Experience

When attending a Street Food Market, no doubt, your nostrils will flare up from the various mouth watering smells of flavors; your eyes will definitely feast on the different kinds of foods that you won’t even know where to start. Well, one thing that you should not miss is the London take on paella. The most popular paella recipes use seafood and chicken as main its ingredients. The most popular paella is something they call Valenciana and Fryella, an English breakfast inspired recipe mixed with bacon, eggs, and beans.

Korean Inspired Burgers

The most popular Korean side dish has invaded the London scene; its welcoming invasive form is scrumptiously wrapped in a Kimchi Burger. This delightful treat is something that captivatingly challenges both the taste buds and the senses. If you are a newbie of the hard-core Korean food, then trying a Korean style big burger or burger slider is an entertaining and flavourful introduction.

The Classic American Burger

Of course, who wouldn’t want to miss a classic American Burger. The London Food Street Food Scene is a diplomatic venue of everything food regardless of origin. Some stalls in the popular areas of London Street Food Market offers hand-cut chips, burgers topped with wasabi mayo dressing and sweet chilly; and other classic burger recipes you can find using a meaty beef rich with a delicious cheddar cheese.

One for the Sweet Tooth

Carbo loading is not only the sin you will have to commit when experiencing the London Street Food Scene. There are also stalls that satisfy the sweet tooth like crepes and even Japanese inspired macaroons.

Last Taste

Get a taste of the streets and experience a different kind of world; the London Street Food scene is a melting pot of flavorful recipes that one should make sure to experience.


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