Pleasurable Activities When Visiting Londonderry

Published On August 11, 2013 | By Staff Writer | Europe, Travel Guides, Travel Planning
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If you’re not familiar with the term Londonderry, then you’re about to increase your travel knowledge up a notch. Londonderry or popularly known as Derry is considered as Northern Ireland’s second largest city. Being the second largest city in this part of the world, expect your visit to be an eventful experience.

Major attractions of the Derry include shopping and city walk adventures; giving you an in-depth insight about the budding lifestyle of a young and budding culture-oriented city in the heart of the North Ireland.

Traveling Itinerary into Londonberry

The important thing to consider when traveling into Londonberry is transportation. One of the fastest ways to travel into Ireland is through the Troon-Larne service; however, make sure that you’re traveling between the months of March and October. Traveling via Troon-Larne service will only take you 2 hours and 15 minutes to travel into Ireland.

Another fun way to travel into Londonberry is by taking the ferry with routes traversing the Cairnryan-Larne channel or Dublin-Liverpool route. Just check your local ferry schedules to know which best routes to take.

Your Activities of Interest When Visiting Londonberry.

If a quiet and quality adventure is what you are looking for, then we suggest that you spend a weekend experiencing the Londonberry life and culture. Here are just some of the wonderful activities that travelers and even locals will certainly love to do.

Past Revisited: Exploring the 17th Century Derry Walls

History lovers would love to explore the 17th Century Derry Walls. The span of Derry Walls is considered one of the most intact city walls in Europe. When visiting this part of Londonberry, you will be amazed at the well preserved gates, watchtowers, canon, battlements, bastions and platforms. The landscape alone is postcard worthy.

The Academic Tour of the Museums

In a historically rich place like Londonberry, expect to be enlightened by varied museums housing some of the best artefact; providing the travellers and locals with insightful look about the past and how these events shaped the future of Londonberry.

One museum garnering popularity is the Tower Museum. When visiting the Tower Museum expect some dramatic stories of eventful past that helped shape the cultural and economic identity of Londonberry today. The information divulged by the artefact will explain the different events influencing the Londonberry culture today.

Another museum that travellers must explore is the Museum of Free Derry located in the centre of the Derry Bogside District. This museum focuses on the civil rights era during the 1960s. The main attraction of this museum is its focus on the Bloody Sunday where civil rights protestors were brutally attacked by British soldiers which occurred in January 30, 1972, or what is known today as Bloody Sunday.

Book for a Mural Tours

Another recommend activity that offers the local sights of the Derry is to book for a Mural Tour. This engaging tour activity will give any participant insights about the eventful history and rich culture of Londonberry. The usual Mural Tour includes a guided tour of the Battle of the Bogside, Bloody Sunday, the Hunger Strikes, and other local historical events.

Last Stop

When travelling into Londonderry, take the ferry since it’s fast and economical. Spend at least three days of vacation to explore Londonberry scenic sites.

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