Five Pre-game Bar Options for an Arsenal Match

Published On September 20, 2013 | By Staff Writer | Europe, Sports Travel, Top Lists, Travel Guides, Travel Planning
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Going to the pub is a massive part of English football culture. Before the game, after the game, even during the game, if it is on television, are all good times for a pint for your average English football fan. If you are are traveling to north London to watch Arsenal play at the Emirates Stadium, then there are a number of great pubs to choose from, all within easy traveling distance of the stadium.

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There are plenty of bar options for people betting and watching an Arsenal game.

The Bailey

One of the better known pubs associated with Arsenal is The Bailey, on Holloway Road. Located conveniently close to Highbury and Islington Tube station, it is also only a 15-minute walk from the stadium. This bar tends to be full of Gunners fans on match days, and can be an atmospheric spot in which to watch matches on television too. There is also a good range of food which fans can enjoy. The beer is not that cheap, it has to be said, but that is true of almost everywhere in London. Fans of betting on sports who are not going to the game can lay a wager at a nearby sports betting shop, and then retire to The Bailey to see how the game goes for the Gunners.

Of course, you are free to try and visit all of these pubs on match day if you want. If you manage it, then you are guaranteed a great day out. Just be warned: English football fans take celebrating, or commiserating, very seriously indeed. Which means you need stamina to really get stuck into things, and immerse yourself in the full match day experience in this part of north London.

The Gunners

Another pub which is readily associated with Arsenal is The Gunners. Located on Blackstock Road, most fans of sportsbook betting would be able to tell from the name that this is a venue with Arsenal at its heart. A good selection of real ales caters for the more traditionally minded football fan, and there are usually many Gunners fans in here pre-match. The Arsenal memorabilia on the wall is interesting, and serves as a complement to the many TV screens. A heated beer garden means smokers can enjoy a cigarette outdoors in even the coldest weather.

12pinsTwelve Pins

London is a diverse city in terms of its population, and the Irish community has long been associated with the northern regions of the city. One Irish bar which also has a strong association with Arsenal is The 12 Pins. Located on the Seven Sisters Road, just a minute’s walk from Finsbury Park Tube Station, this is one of the best places in London to watch Arsenal on the television. If you have a match ticket, though, it is also a great venue where Bodog sports fans can enjoy some Irish hospitality before heading to the Emirates to cheer on the Gunners.

The Famous Cock Tavern

Sportsbook betting fans who find themselves in London might also want to pay a visit to the Famous Cock Tavern. This iconic location is situated on Upper Street, some 20 minutes walk from the Emirates Stadium. Handy for Tube travelers, being just round the corner from Highbury and Islington Tube Station, there is a top class selection of food on offer. The emphasis here is very much on quality of service, so if Bodog sportsbook fans are looking for something a little more rowdy before the game, they should probably head elsewhere. If you want to fill up on good food before the match, though, this is where to come.

If you mention Wetherspoons to any English football fan, then the online sportsbook odds would favor them knowing exactly what you meant. Wetherspoons pubs mean cheap beer in a cheerful, no frills setting, and any Gunners fans who enjoy spending time in this kind of establishment can head to the The White Swan. Another top venue located on Upper Street, close to The Famous Cock, this tends to be heaving with Gunners fans on match days. The food is standard Wetherspoons fare, which means it is affordable, and this is a great venue to fill up on food and drink at, before the walk to the Emirates Stadium.

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