Five Ways to Experience Cabo San Lucas

Published On July 11, 2013 | By Danny Kelleher | Destinations, Mexico, Top Lists, Travel Guides
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Time flies when you’re having fun


This common phrase is unfortunately not always a good one to hear, especially after you’ve shelled out thousands on an exotic getaway. When you decide to spend a summer week in the Bahamas, a holiday in the Caribbean, or a relaxing weekend South of the border, it’s easy to find yourself wondering as you approach the trip’s final days, “How did it go by so fast?” In cases like this, you oftentimes find yourself lamenting the lost hours devoted to relaxation, wishing desperately you could go back and make more use of your trip’s short duration by partaking in more memorable pastimes. This has certainly been the case for me before – my family takes an annual trip down to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico every year during Winter Break, and while it’s always an excellent time, I’ve undoubtedly found myself on multiple plane flights home thinking back with regret on all the time spent in litharge that I could have devoted to making a lasting memory in the paradisiacal peninsular town. A more experienced vacationer now, I’ve discovered that the more activities you get yourself to undertake, the less cut-short the trip seems to feel in retrospect. If you’re ever in Cabo, you should make sure to venture outside your hotel’s boundaries and to do yourself the favor of supplying your mind with as many stories to fondly recollect as possible. Here are five activities you can do in order to accomplish just that:

1. Swim with dolphins


Face it: it’s something you’re going to want to be able to say you did at some point in your lifetime. Might as well get it done at a place that really knows what it’s doing. Dolphin Discovery has an arena in downtown Cabo that is one hell of a time – it’s 100 percent safe, but it’s certainly more lenient than a place like Sea World – and you can physically ride the dolphins, after becoming acquainted with them, at surprisingly high speeds (It’s cheaper than Sea World, too). Check out the Dolphin Discovery website for more information.

2. Drop by downtown San Jose

The pleasant locale is strangely not infested with too much tourism, and it’s a less-than-10-minute drive for anyone staying along Cabo’s coastline. You can buy anything there, from cheap ice cream Sundaes to delectable French pastries to Cuban cigars to intricate paraphernalia, and it’s a great way to spend an afternoon.

3. Ride Jet-Skis

While this activity can also lean on the pricier side, it’s an amazing, hour-long way to spend your time. As long as you don’t disturb the local fishermen, it’s great to ride out and see the whole Cabo beach culture at its finest. It’s pretty fun to jump waves, also.

4. Eat at The Office on the Beach


The Office on the Beach is a staple of Cabo San Lucas, and the restaurant’s lobster omelets are to die for. It serves all meals of the day, and its literally on-the-beach location (the tables are in the sand) gives an incredible environment to complement the scrumptious cuisine.

5. Snorkel

The Sea of Cortez is a juxtaposition of sea and land, and I mean this in an entirely complementary way. Desert quickly disappears as you wade into the water of its beaches, and you’re soon greeted by clarity of liquid and diversity of habitat that is undeniably hard to beat. Different parts of each beach offer different varieties of fish and aquatic life, and you’ll certainly be thankful you took the time to enjoy this cheap and fulfilling activity.

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