A Tourist’s Guide to Phuket

Published On May 11, 2013 | By Staff Writer | Destinations, Thailand
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Phuket is a destination that is slowly but surely becoming more and more accessible for tourists around the world, and more people are visiting Thailand every year. Phuket is one of the more beautiful parts of Thailand, with warm seas and gorgeous scenery. If you’re looking for a beach holiday, a bit of culture or to experience the nightlife, you can do any of these things in Phuket.

Because of Phuket’s tropical climate, it is generally temperate all year round but is particularly hot in April, May, September and October. Phuket occasionally experiences monsoon weather with heavy rain and winds, but they are not quite as violent as tropical storms that hit the Philippines. Most tourists prefer to visit during the ‘winter’ season between November and March when the temperatures sit around 24C to 32C.

Phuket Beaches

If you’re looking for a holiday bargain in Thailand, you won’t be disappointed by Phuket. Watch out for elevated tourist prices during the busy seasons though. Things you can do on a budget are numerous, including hitting the beaches for free. Phuket is renowned for its beautiful beaches lined with palm trees, the picture of paradise. Many beaches offer a range of water sports for the more active tourists, and snorkelling is particular popular around the coral reefs.

Nakkerd Hills

One place definitely worth a visit is the Nakkerd Hills down to the south of Phuket. The journey there will show you views of ‘real’ Thailand as well as the Big Buddha which sits 45 metres high atop the hills. If you have the chance to get up close, you will realise what a peaceful place it is, away from the hustle and bustle of Thailand’s cities.

Phuket Old Town

Phuket Old Town is another place definitely worth a visit. The old streets are packed with history and culture in temples, shrines, tiny shops and cafes. You might also wander across some of the once grandiose Sino-colonial mansions, remnants from Phuket’s tin boom which were once home to ‘tin barons’.

Local Phuket Food

Make sure to sample some of the local cuisine while you’re in the country. Phuket is very well known for its fresh seafood, but it also has a huge range of other types of influences too such as Italian, Japanese and Indian. At breakfast, taste the Chinese dish of Khanom Cheen, rice noodles with a spicy fish curry served with fruit, vegetables and herbs. Or if you’d like something a little more simple but still traditional, Khao Mok Khai might be more to your taste, a fragrant rice dish with chicken that is flavoured simply and served with a hot sauce.

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