Five Benefits: Why You Should Seriously Learn English

Published On August 4, 2013 | By Staff Writer | South Korea, Travel Guides, Travel Planning
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Have you seen an episode of Amazing Race? Where a pair of individuals travels into a foreign country and the only means of communication they have with the locals is to use the English language. This is how important the English language is when you’re travelling the different parts of the world.

Perhaps one of the countries that have a population with high demand for English instruction is South Korea. Here are some of the basic reasons why.

The Connection Between South Koreans and the English Language.

For South Koreans, education is very crucial in achieving a successful career. Since by nature, South Koreans are very competitive, there’s a high demand for the learning of the English language. The important subjects in South Korean education are science, mathematics, social studies and English. Thus, many South Koreans are interested in studying languages abroad, particularly English.

The demand for learning the English language is not limited to South Koreans but also to other non-native English speakers as well. Here are the reasons why learning English language is important for the success of a person’s career.

Five Reasons Why Learning English is Important

  1. It beefs-up your resume.

When it comes to job applications, employers are looking for a person who can easily understand English. Speaking good English in your resume and job application will prove to your prospective employer that even if you’re a non-native English speaker, you are well-versed in English grammar and communication; in effect English is your second language or ESL language.

  1. You easily communicate with other people.

Wherever you are in the world, there are always people that speak the English language. Thus, when you are travelling, you can always find your way; by learning the English language, you will be able to communicate with the people wherever you may be travelling to.

  1. More job opportunities.

What is good about learning how to speak the English language is that it will open your doors to various job opportunities. Say for example, you are French, looking to establish a career in Business Process Outsource; you have the potential to be a prized agent because you are bilingual. This means that you can both speak French and English. Thus, you’ll be able to do something which your co-employees cannot do; giving yourself edge over your competitions.

  1. Promotes healthy cultural interaction

Since English is a common language in any part of the world, you can easily connect and communicate with people belonging to other nationalities who also speak English.  Plus, there are language schools with worldwide presence like ESL languages. If you speak English, an immediate rapport is developed between you and the person you are talking to.

  1. More academic references are open for your education needs

Remember that English is the language of science. Also, renowned academic textbooks are written originally in the English language. Thus, by knowing how to speak in English, you will be able to understand and gain knowledge from more academic sources.

End Note                                       

For some non-native English speakers, taking a language course abroad is one of the best ways to learn proper English. Bottom line is, learning English is very important when advancing your career regardless of what race you come from.

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