Why a Cruise is the Best Way to Explore Alaska

Published On January 2, 2020 | By Staff Writer | Travel Planning
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Alaska is a slice of unique natural beauty. In a world that has constantly evolved, becoming populated with people, pollution and concrete jungles, Alaska is the exception. It has, for the most part, remained unchanged since the beginning of time. The stunning environment is made up of majestic peaks, sweeping forest floors and glaciers. Instead of shops and residential buildings, the landscape is occupied with a wondrous collection of wildlife.

It goes without saying, but Alaska should be on everyone’s bucket list. Although when you decide to visit this enchanting area of the United States, make sure to do so via a cruise. Here’s why:

Visit Areas That Are Inaccessible by Car

When planning to explore Alaska, it might initially sound appealing to do this by car. It gives you the freedom to explore the state as you wish — or at least, that might be the initial impression. You can indeed get around Alaska at your own leisure, but there are certain areas which are simply impossible to reach by car.

A cruise will help circumvent that issue. For instance, the popular area of Juneau is only accessible via an aeroplane or ferry. The options are reduced even further when it comes to visiting Glacier Bay, the shining jewel of Alaska. It’s either by your own boat (plus a permit that allows you to explore), a tour boat company, or a cruise — the latter is, undoubtedly, the best way of getting to Glacier Bay!

This also doesn’t take into account the convenience and stress-free nature of traveling on a ship as opposed to a car, train or plane.

Maximize Your Time

When you compare your cruise time with any other method of transport, the cruise wins hands down every time. There’s no chance you’d be able to fit in as much by car or plane. Think about it: the ship journeys across Alaska overnight. You leave one area in the evening, go to bed, and then wake up in a completely new place – talk about efficiency! This is further improved by the fact that food and drink options are provided by the cruise so you don’t have to waste time searching for restaurants or convenience stores.

You might baulk initially at the price for an Alaska cruise, but keep all these points in mind — because when you add everything together, a cruise will tend to be the most cost-effective option for fully exploring the area.

Enjoy the Wildlife from Your Balcony

With the likes of whales, orcas, eagles, and bears all ready to be spotted, it’s fair to say wildlife is one of Alaska’s main highlights.

In normal circumstances, actually catching a glimpse of the wildlife can prove to be difficult. With the assistance of a cruise ship, however, you have the luxury of watching wildlife from the comfort of your room’s balcony. Alaskan cruises will also often have a naturalist on board, and they will announce over the speaker system if there’s something to see, ensuring you don’t miss out on anything.



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