What Bad Luck – Your Guide to Holiday Cancellations

Published On November 12, 2019 | By Staff Writer | Travel Planning
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When you travel the world as much as I have you start to accept that sometimes things will go wrong. Whether you’re backpacking across Asia and you lose your spare phone to an underhand pickpocket or you’re on a family package holiday and you lose your credit card at the beach, just because we’re on holiday or exploring a new part of the world doesn’t make us immune to misfortune! Creditfix.co.uk have provided a really helpful infographic of what to do if your holiday gets cancelled.

However, despite the possibility of experiencing bad luck on holiday, most of us still expect to actually reach our destinations and expect to be able to come home again. So, if your holiday is suddenly cancelled out the blue then it’s no wonder we experience a complete sense of panic and frustration! There are many reasons why your holiday or your flights might be cancelled, from problems with your resort like theft or damage to the hotel in question, natural disasters, extreme weather, security problems, mechanical issues with planes and of course the possibility of your holiday provider going bust. But, help is at hand. Here I’ve posted a helpful infographic that will give you the information you need and details about your options should your holiday be cancelled. Good luck!


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