Top Reasons Why Hiring a Car Abroad is Worth the Price

Published On August 1, 2016 | By Staff Writer | Travel Planning
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If you’re looking to save as much money as possible when you travel abroad, the idea of hiring a car may not even have occurred to you. However, although car hire abroad can be costly, it’s also definitely worth considering as it can certainly enhance your trip and allow you to do things and go places that would never be achievable using public transport. Along with that, if you’re travelling with a group, car hire can actually work out cheaper than you think if everybody pitches in for the bill. We’ve put together some of the top reasons why you should consider hiring a car on your next trip.

Car Hire Checklist

Before you go any further, it’s important to be aware of what’s required in order to be able to hire a car – you don’t want to end up disappointed! If you don’t personally meet the requirements, it might be a good idea to check if there is anybody in your group who does, if they don’t mind being the designated driver. First of all, in order to hire a car abroad it is essential that you have a full UK driving license (or a full driving license from another country if you are not a UK native). For more information on getting your driving licence and passing your theory test, visit You will also need to be over the age of 25 to hire a car from most operators.

New Level of Independence

When you hire a car during a trip, you suddenly become much more independent and have a whole new level of freedom offered to you. When you have your own car, there’s no longer any need to rely on bus, train and tram timetables – instead, you can simply visit wherever you like, at any time of the day or night with no need to stress about getting stranded or being uncomfortable packed into a busy bus or train during rush hour.

Get off the Beaten Path

Using public transport when you travel often means that the best destinations to visit are the most popular ones. You will often find that there are many more buses, trains and trams running to the destinations which are frequented the most and full of tourists. This is great if you want to get involved with all of the tourist activities, but not so good if you’re the type of traveller who likes to get off the beaten path. Having a car allows you to easily get to the destinations that the buses don’t go to.

Less Chance of Getting Lost

Last but not least, if you’ve ever gotten on the wrong bus or accidentally took the wrong train in a foreign country, you’ll know how stressful it can be. Having your own car with a Sat-Nav system fitted means that you can simply follow directions to your chosen destination without having to worry about things such as changing bus or train. This means you’ll be able to get there quicker, giving you more time to enjoy your destination!

Hiring a car abroad may not be cheap, but it’s definitely worth the price.

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