The Best 4WD Equipment People Must Have

Published On July 2, 2020 | By Staff Writer | Travel Planning
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4WDing or going off the road is one of the best hobbies and pastimes. Unlike other activities, this involves people traveling and exploring the countryside; it is indeed a great way to relax and replenish the beauty of nature. However, as exciting as it could be, preparing for the adventure is one hell of a nightmare.

For safety, people must make sure that they have the right equipment before getting on the track. They must also have the necessary knowledge on how to operate or use the accessories effectively. In particular, Australia has a lot of shops that offer trustworthy and affordable 4WD equipment. As such, below is a list of great equipment devised as a guide for individuals who wish to start their 4WD journey.

Mean Mother Adventure 3

Mean Mother Adventure 3 is one of the best accessories and the best-selling equipment for tire care in Australia. This impressive compressor can be upgraded from a Bushranger Blackmax 2 into MM adventurer making it a great weapon. Comparing it to other products, this can inflate up to 160 lpm in an instant and works effectively with the 45 Min Duty cycle or with an ARB twin Compressor; surely, there is no doubt that this product has won numerous awards.

In addition, Mean Mother Adventure 3 comes with remote control – through this, users can quickly turn the device off or check the tires’ pressure. To know more other equipment related to this, visit 4wd accessories from Australia Wide 4WD.

GME UHF CB Radio Ultimate Value Pack

GME UHF CB Radio Ultimate Value Pack is great equipment for off-road comms. This is a product manufactured and designed by the top radio communications in Australia, the GME. Unlike other equipment, this pack has the TX3350 which shows the display on the rig and the handpiece, has two antennae, and has an affordable price ranging below $500.

For a more conventional appearance, the body of the device can be tucked behind the dash so that only the handpiece is exposed; with this, the volumes and channels can be changed easily without the user having to reach and muck over like the traditional radio unit.

Mean Mother High Lift Jack

For an off the road journey, a high lift jack is an important addition to the kit. Generally, this can be used to push, pull, clamp, winch, and lift necessary things to remove particles of rocks, sands, or woods that stuck on the 4WD. And among all the brands, the Mean Mother High Lift Jack is definitely the most reliable and affordable one. This has a working load limit of 1500 kilograms which makes it great for a jack with 48 inches. The AS/NZS2693:2007 Jack Safety Standard is also complied with this device making it a great mate for every adventure.

Furthermore, few more examples and devices like Mean Mother High Lift Jack can be found on the 4wd accessories from Australia Wide 4WD; this site provides tons of reviews and recommendations regarding various 4WD equipment.


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