Love the Outdoors? Don’t Forget These Camping Must-Haves!

Published On July 2, 2020 | By Staff Writer | Travel Planning
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Camping with your family is something we should all experience. Waking up to the great outdoors, counting the stars at night and spending quality time with your family away from digital distractions like screens and social media. As far as quality family time goes, nothing else comes close. 

If you’ve never been camping before, or it’s been a while since you’ve experienced the great outdoors, then you may be wondering what you should bring along to make the occasion extra special. Of course, a tent, sleeping bags and general camping equipment is essential for anyone who wants to have the basics, but what can you bring to make your family camping trip extra comfortable?

Read on for the best camping must-haves! 

A walkie talkie

Sometimes phone signal and Wi-Fi are non-existent in the countryside, which means staying in contact with your family whilst they explore the camping grounds or the surrounding areas as you all enjoy walks and hikes is difficult. This is when walkie-talkies and communication equipment like the Uniden BC75XLT police scanner comes in handy. You can keep in touch with each other easily, without worrying about data, phone bills and connectivity. 

Hot water bottles

There’s nothing worse than cold feet! Especially when you’re trying to sleep. Even during the summer months, night-time temperatures can significantly drop, so boiling some water on your camping stove and filling up a couple of travel hot water bottles is the perfect way to get toasty and warm. 

A reflective blanket

In contrast, during the day tents can become unbearably warm. So, even if you want to have some reprieve from the sun, you’ll have to face baking temperatures inside your tent. Purchasing a reflective blanket for the top of your tent means that the suns rays will be reflected away from your tent, keeping it a much cooler and comfortable space.

Solar lights

Although we like it dark so we can see the stars and enjoy the atmosphere, sometimes camping (especially with little ones who need the toilet in the middle of the night) can be too dark. Bringing along some simple solar lights will help alleviate the issue. You can get some simple light stakes to place in the ground or string up some solar fairy lights for an extra glamorous and cosy feel.

Invest in a good seating area

Eating your meals on the floor will get boring after a while, so investing in a good set of chairs and camping table is essential. You can cover it with a cute tablecloth, use proper cutlery and you can enjoy your family meals properly outdoors. 

And finally, create a nice outdoor area

It doesn’t take much to create a nice outdoor area for you and your family to enjoy when you’re not in your tent. Laying down some plastic-backed picnic blankets will keep your feet dry and warm – some simple cushions to sit on will make lounging around in the sunshine much more comfortable for everyone! Don’t forget the icebox and plenty of cool drinks! 


Photo by ROMAN ODINTSOV from Pexels


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