There Is No Such Thing As ‘Overrated’ in Travel

Published On April 6, 2017 | By Staff Writer | Travel Planning
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You hear it all the time when people talk about popular destinations. “Oh, everyone I know is going on holiday there for summer, it’s so overrated” or “All the students I know did their gap year there, it’s just the in thing rather than a good place to go.”

The fact is, the world we live in is breathtaking. More so now than ever, we have the opportunity to visit and immerse ourselves other cultures. There is no such thing as ‘overrated’ when it comes to the earth. The reason these destinations are popular? They have amazing experiences that cannot be replicated anywhere else.

Take the ‘usual’ family vacation spots. Florida, California, places in Europe like Paris or Rome. Each place has their own unique appeal that you can’t do anywhere else. For example Florida hosts the only verified pirate treasure chest in the world, and there is a massive list of other things to do, that you can’t do anywhere else. In Europe, the Eiffel Tower and Colosseum are big attractions for a reason, seeing them in person is stunning. They each give you a unique feeling that you can’t compare to any other place.

Not to mention the different food – if you are going to try snails in your life, why not do it overlooking the Seine while drinking French wine. When you visit another state, something as simple as looking up the closest restaurant featured on Man Vs Food can add to the individuality of the trip, an unusual challenge you couldn’t do in your hometown.

For the student, seeing yet another social media update that contain the words ‘going on a thailand tour in 2017’ along with other summer or gap year plans, can leave you disenchanted to how amazing these countries are. You cannot recreate eating authentic food, freshly picked from a market and cooked right in front of you, at the restaurant down the road from you. The whole atmosphere is what makes it, a moment, unlike anything you have had before. A gap year can be a students only chance to travel consecutively for months, depending on your work vacation time you get in the future. If that is the case, the memories of the day spent at the Songkran festival (also known as the world’s biggest water fight) will be priceless.

People are quick to associate popular with boring – the fact it appeals to a wide range of individuals must mean there is nothing too outlandish or outside people’s comfort zones. Nothing could be further from the truth. The fact is, a destination is what you make of it. Yes, the majority of people like an all-inclusive deal where you don’t leave the resort. But those types of holiday co-exist in the same countries where all these remarkable cultures and events exist; you just need to find them.
If this still hasn’t persuaded you to get your traveling boots on, take a look at these photos. You will be packing your suitcase in no time.




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