ESTA E-Pass and How to Get One

Published On April 12, 2017 | By Staff Writer | Travel Planning, USA
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Besides a normal passport, it will be required of you to Get an ESTA USA! homeland security  if you want to enjoy a holiday in America. If you fail to obtain this document before travelling to the US it will result in your denial of entry. It is also required should you want to simply pass through the country in order to go someplace else.

Who needs to have an ESTA

It is required of you to fill out an ESTA form if you are a citizen of one of the 38 countries which are part of the Visa Waver Program owned by the US. The full list is made available on the US Department of Homeland Security website.

It is needed if you wish to stay in the US for a time-span of less than 90 days and if you are only travelling for pleasure or for short time business excursions. You also need to fill out an ESTA form if you have a return ticket or an onward bound one.

Getting an ESTA

The only way you can get an ESTA is to fill out an online form on its official website. Once this has been completed, make sure you keep a note of the provided reference number or just print out the entire authorization page. The cost for an ESTA for is 14 dollars, which should be roughly 10 pounds.

It is required as of April 2016 to have an ESTA if you wish to acquire an e-Passport. If your passport has been issued on or before the 26th of October then there should already be a chip inside it. If by chance there isn’t a chip available in your passport then make sure you update it at a Passport Office.

When to apply for your ESTA:

It is generally advisable to apply for your ESTA prior to booking your flight or sorting out accommodations just in case you will not eligible for travel to the states and such you will have saved time and money. A decision for an ESTA application can take upwards to 72 hours before it is decided so make sure you take plenty of time before-hand. You do not want to worry about last-minute accommodations when travelling to an over-seas country.

Make sure you have your contact details ready as well as password number and expiration date, plus your departure information and airline. On top of this, you will be asked the place where you will be staying in the States.

Your ESTA e-pass will be available for use for two years. After that, an update will be required if you wish to conduct future travels in the US.




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