How to Make a Long Flight That Bit Easier

Published On August 8, 2013 | By Staff Writer | Travel Guides, Travel Planning
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The start of a long flight tends to bring mixed feelings. On the one hand, you know that when you finally step off the plane at the other end you will be far from home in an exciting and exotic land. However, the thought of spending a number of hours cooped up in a plane isn’t the most appealing thing in the world. What can you do make your long flight a little bit easier?

Take Some Reading Material

You will no doubt have something to watch on the TV screen and maybe the option of listening to music while you are flying. This sounds great but many travelers find that they can’t concentrate on this kind of in-flight entertainment or simply don’t find anything to their taste. You will probably be glad to have a book or some newspapers or magazines beside you once you realize that you have run out of entertainment options long before your scheduled arrival time.

Get Plenty of Rest

It is easy to think that a 15 hour flight will mean that you get to sleep for most of the time but this isn’t always the case. Many travelers find it extremely difficult to get any sleep on a long flight and it could be that you are unable to rest at all until you arrive. Bearing this in mind, it is clear why some travelers decide to stay the night in one of the airport hotels close to where they are flying from, I recommend as one of the best comparison sites.  There are some very affordable choices for you to look at in this case, with a good example being Sofitel Gatwick, which is next to one of the UK’s busiest airports. If your flight is departing from Heathrow Airport then you have a wide number of Heathrow hotels in which you could stay in order to get a good rest before you travel. For instance, the Park Inn Heathrow is always a popular choice in this area.

Wear Loose Fitting Clothes

It can be really uncomfortable to take a long flight with tight fitting clothes on. Don’t forget that tight clothes can also restrict your blood flow and be potentially very dangerous. You will feel a lot better and be a lot safer if you choose loose fitting clothes which let your blood flow and allow you to sit back and relax.  Comfortable shoes are also very important for long flights and after a few hours up in the air you will be glad to have followed this piece of advice.

Learn Some Exercises

There are some recommended exercises you do on a long plane flight which will help you avoid potential health issues and also arrive feeling fresher. You will probably find some of these in the airline’s in-flight magazine but it certainly doesn’t do any harm to investigate the matter before you leave home as well. These are simple little exercises and you will be able to carry them out even if you don’t have a lot of space in your seat.

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