How-To Guide on Vacationing With Your Dogs

Published On July 22, 2017 | By Staff Writer | Travel Planning
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Vacationing with a pet dog can be a lot of fun. Many times, they are just as enthusiastic as we are about exploring a new place and checking out everything that there is to see. Giving them that experience can be a lot of fun and, because of that, you want to make sure that their experience is the best that it can be. Let’s take a look at some of the things that you can do to make those experiences better.

You Should Bring:

  • Out and About Items: A solid harness and leash is vital on these trips. Bring rain gear and/or cold weather gear depending on the time of year that you’re going, as well.
  • Health Related Items: Water, food, portable food and water bowl, brushes, medication, and a first aid kit. You want to be able to keep your pet healthy, happy, and safe while they are spending time with you!
  • Fun items: Chew toys, balls, and other items should be packed along so that your dog can feel comfortable and you have ways to have fun with them. Check out the selection on– Big & Tough Dog Toys and think about getting them some new toys before you head out as well.
  • Comfort Items: A bed or crate is a great option, mainly so that your dog has somewhere that they could rest and chill out at the end of the day. It makes it easier and more enjoyable for them, and you can relax a lot easier knowing that they feel comfortable.

Things to Remember:

  1. There are some places where your dog may not be able to go with you, so make sure that you have a plan in place so that you can enjoy those activities while also being certain that your dog is comfortable and well taken care of. Have that planned out appropriately before you head out on your trip.
  2. Dogs need break times as well. Be sure that you understand the warning signs related to potential health issues, and keep an eye on your pet to make sure that they are comfortable and relaxed. Give them breaks when they appear that they are going to need them and they will be ready to go once they have rested up.
  3. Be safe with your pet. Make sure that you have all forms of identification necessary on them so that you don’t have to worry if you get separated for some reason. Microchips and licenses are a big deal and you want to make sure that they are up to date with the most recent information that you have for them.
  4. Enjoy yourself! Taking your pet on one of these trips is supposed to be a fun, exciting, and relaxing experience. Your dog will have a great time if you’re doing things that you enjoy doing together and if you make sure that they are well taken care of on the trip. It could be a fun bonding experience if you put the effort in to make it that way.



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