Golf Rules You Need to be Aware Of

Published On August 17, 2016 | By Staff Writer | Travel Planning
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It is important to be aware of rules when you step on to play golf. You will not only be laughed at if you fail to understand rules, but will also find it difficult to leave a mark in this fun yet competitive sport.

So without much ado let’s have a look at some of the basic golf playing rules:


Carrying the right equipment to the golf course is a matter of rules and etiquettes because borrowing the equipment is certainly not a good idea. The maximum number of clubs in each golfer’s bag is 14 according to the rules. However, there is no certain limit for minimum clubs. It’s not permissible to borrow a club from your partner, but, allowed in certain circumstances. So be sure you have the all the clubs that you need, but not more than 14.

Play It As It Lies

It is a centralized idea and many golf rules are built around it. The golden rule or a fundamental principle of golf is, ‘play it as it lies!’. The meaning is quite simple; you are not allowed to touch or move the ball. Leave it as it is where it comes to rest. You are most likely to play in whatever state the ball is in and continue the game. It is the rule of thumb and you are required to follow unless the rule allows you to move it as there may be some exceptions.

If you were not intended to move the ball and accidently did that then you can add a penalty stroke and replace the ball or if someone else did that or it’s hit by another ball you can replace the ball without penalty.

Out of Bounds & Lost Balls

When you hit a shot out of the bounds or lose your ball then out of bounds are required to be clearly marked through white stakes or lines. The penalty for out of bounds is stroke and distance, add a stroke to your score and hit the ball again from where you hit it in first place. To have a more detailed view look out for the best golf training videos.

Keep Up the Pace

When it’s your turn immediately step up and play, don’t take time to choose the right club or determine the line of a putt. Instead, make all the decisions while others are playing. Just like you would not want to wait because of slow groups ahead of you, do not make other golfers wait behind you. It is not a law, but basic playing etiquette.

Water Hazards

Yellow stakes or line represent a water hazard whereas red lines or stakes represent lateral water hazards – runs alongside the line of play. It’s not a good idea at all to play the ball that’s in water, instead, take a 1-stroke penalty and place the ball anywhere behind the spot (on the same line of play) where your original ball went across the water hazard.



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