A Cabin in Big Bear Lake and the Majestic Bald Eagle

Published On December 5, 2019 | By Staff Writer | Travel Planning
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Big Bear Lake is not a body of water, but a quaint city located in San Bernardino county, California. From San Bernardino city, you will have to travel for about 25 miles to reach this area. Although the population of the city is only around 5000, the number swells rapidly during the weekends. The city is filled with natural resources as it is surrounded by a lush and virgin forest area, as well as lakes and hot springs, which make it the perfect vacation spot.

The city is also home to a band of bald eagles who call the Big Bear Valley their territory. A good number of visitors come here, not merely to have a quick getaway from the stresses of their everyday lives but also to see these majestic birds. Since tourists frequent the place, you must book your Big Bear cabin rentals early.

The Big Bear Lake is unique since you could hardly find these eagles in other areas in the Continental United States. According to the report from the Los Angeles Times, bald eagles migrate to Big Bear Valley every winter. They fly in to hunt and roost.

Apex Predator

The bald eagle is one of the largest apex predators in the United States. The bird is around 30 inches tall, and the male eagle is smaller in size (8-10 pounds) compared to the female eagle (which weighs from 10 to 14 pounds). There are about 10,000 birds in the United States.

However, until 30 years ago, when you saw about 20-25 eagles roaming the skies at a given time, the population of migrating birds dropped about 66% in recent years. The government and local civic organizations are working hard to maintain the ecosystem, so the birds can have more places to hunt. Unfortunately, development has its negative side, and one of the offshoots of human progress is the loss of habitat.

Nevertheless, you can still spot bald eagles. It is one of the attractions of Big Bear Lake, which records about seven million visitors each year, along with tourism receipts of about 350 million USD.

The locals, however, are hardly surprised. They see these eagles all the time, especially the people who grew up in Big Bear Valley. They are also working as stewards of the environment to make sure that the hunting grounds of these birds are protected.

Doing Your Part For Their Protection

Seeing these bald eagles is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. It should be included in every bucket list. You can also visit the Big Bear Discovery Center, where rescued eagles are present. You can see them up close if your binoculars are not sufficient to watch them in the wilds.

You can also join the Winter Bald Eagle Count of San Bernardino to do your part for their protection. The group has existed since 1978, and its aim is to crowd-source volunteers who will then become assigned to different vantage points. They will spend one hour on each shift for four months, from December to March. You can stay in Big Bear cabin rentals during the duration of your volunteer efforts. Most of those who join the annual activity are experienced volunteers, which only proves how enriching the experience is.


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