5 Perfect Vacation Ideas For Introverts To Escape Life

Published On April 2, 2019 | By Staff Writer | Travel Planning
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Traveling is jam-packed with busy buses, exotic night adventures with strangers at a club, and plenty of drinking. Which for some, sounds like an amazing time away.

But for us introverts, it makes our skin crawl, as we slowly hide under the covers of our blankets at the thought of socializing with strangers.

Which is so lame, after all – we deserve epic vacations too, right?

I have found, being an introvert myself – the trick to having an amazing, memorable vacation is to really get away. I mean, from everything.

But, how is this possible?

Well, that’s what I hope to explain throughout this article. I will go through five of the best vacations I have had, which I will never forget. Are you ready to get into it?

Enjoy The Privacy Of Cape Town, South Africa

One of the most amazing destinations for introverts, in my opinion, is South Africa, Cape Town. Sure, the main city has plenty of nightlife. However, introverts can get away with so much without being out of there comfort zone.

For example, if traveling with loved ones – you could visit some of the famous wine-farms that Cape Town is famous for including the likes of “D’Aria”, and “Diemersdal”.

Not a fan of wine?

Why not go on some of the most beautiful and secluded hikes up one of the worlds natural wonders, Table Mountain. Or go on water adventures at The Waterfront. Made famous for it’s shark cage diving, whale watching, and cruises.

Go Check Out The Aurora Borealis


This may be a bit of a biased view, but I believe introverts take a lot more time speculating life and everything in it. Or, at least I know I do. Which is why natural wonders such as the Aurora Borealis absolutely amaze me!

All I can say is the northern lights are truly as stunning as they seem in the pictures. If you are searching for vacation ideas, I would certainly suggest taking the plunge to visit Finland, Lapland.

This country is almost made for introverts. With stunning scenery, a relaxing atmosphere, and most importantly, the northern lights showing up 200 days a year.

Take A Cruise – Really Any Cruise

Image source: https://pixabay.com/en/cruise-ship-ocean-sea-travel-1236642/

Image source: https://pixabay.com/en/cruise-ship-ocean-sea-travel-1236642/

I know exactly what you think, “Cruises are loud, involve talking to strangers, and being intoxicated almost 24/7.”

I felt the exact same way about it. At least, until my partner (who is also an introvert), convinced me to hop on to a 15-day cruise to the Bahamas.

It turns out that although yes, a cruise does have all of these things introverts despise. It also has the opportunity to lay out on a sundeck, with a book in your lap and nothing but the vast ocean to stare at and contemplate life.

In fact, the only time socializing was necessary was when I was standing in line at the all-you-can-eat buffet. Now that is an experience I would love to repeat.

Take An Exotic Paradise Vacation In Mauritius

Oh man, Mauritius – there is so much to say about this vacation. However, if I were to rant on, I am pretty sure this page will be closed before I can even get to the good parts. Out of all my travels, this was by far my favorite island.

Although the actual region is still developing, some of the resorts that you can book into are absolutely mind-blowing. With serene beaches, ice-cold cocktails, and a nice book to read you can really get lost for a while here.

We spent a total of 7-days on this island, enjoying some of the finer details of life. From fine-dining restaurants to exploring islands that get swallowed by the ocean at night, and rise to the surface during the day.

One thing I really loved about Mauritius is the beautiful ocean life. You can put on your snorkeling gear, and go lay in the water, and you are bound to see an array of fish, coral, and seaweed that will blow your mind away.

Go On A Road Trip Through The States


Have you ever thought about how big the States really is? How much there is to see, to do, and to discover?

If not, why not take a road trip and explore everything there is to offer? You can do it solo or grab your best-friend and force them to listen to your road-trip playlist.

Remember, “The experience lays not in the destination but the journey”. A road trip is all about making the journey as fun as possible!

If you do decide to do a road trip, why not plan it in such a way that you can visit iconic locations, such as the Grand Canyon. Book a few nights here and there throughout your planned trip to relax and unwind, and BAM you have yourself an epic road trip adventure to get your mind off everyday life.


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