Guide & Tips for Renting The Perfect Vacation Villa in Mexico

Published On April 2, 2019 | By Staff Writer | Destinations, Mexico, Travel Planning
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In the last few years, more travelers are shifting away from the typical all-inclusive tropical vacation and looking for something a little different. Villa rentals are ideal for families and small groups who need a little more room to roam, as well as couples who want privacy during their stay.

Renting a villa in Mexico is an incredible way to have an immersive experience in a beautiful country that’s rich in culture and boasts incredible panoramas. Here are some important considerations to help you rent the perfect vacation villa in Mexico.

Choose Your Area

Mexico is a big country with a diverse landscape. Some areas boast small communities and lush rainforests, while others sport white sand beaches and ancient ruins. In the northern part of the country, Mexico City offers an urban atmosphere with beautiful architecture and cultural events.

When choosing to rent a vacation villa, many look to the beautiful Mayan Riviera for the best the country has to offer. There are plenty of Riviera Maya villas by Luxury Retreats that suit the needs of many different types of travelers. The area is conveniently located along the beach, near the active nightlife of Playa del Carmen, many of the Mayan ruins, and close to the Cancun international airport.

Get Advice and Read Reviews

If you know other travelers, get advice about where to go. Not only in regards to nice areas to rent a villa, but also about things to keep in mind based on their experience. By having a community of travelers to talk to, you’re more likely to learn from their mistakes and enjoy your trip to the fullest extent possible.

It’s also important to read reviews online. Apply critical thinking when reading these and look for common reports, whether positive or negative. Remember that some people will find a negative in any experience; focus on the trends rather than the anomalies.


Book Well in Advance

If you’re planning on going during the busy season, be sure to book in advance as desirable villas will be the first to go. The busy season ranges from December to April in Mexico, when the weather is nicest and getting away from the northern winter is at the forefront of everyone’s mind. The nicest villas book up quickly, even up to a year in advance.

If you plan on going in the more budget-friendly off season, you’ll be able to wait longer. Prices often drop dramatically in May and June as the heat increases, and September and October as Mexico enters its rainy season.

Identify Your Must-Haves

Think about your priorities when searching for a villa. Does proximity to the beach matter more than price? Is wifi a necessity? Is a hot tub going to make your life complete? Outlining the things that you feel you need to have a great vacation will make it easier to narrow down the options. It will also help you identify what matters more if you’re having difficulty making a decision.

If you’re traveling in a group, get input about must-haves for everyone involved, and try to find a happy medium that leaves everyone satisfied.


The pros of renting a villa far outweigh the cons, but logistics will need to be well-thought out. First and foremost, how will you be getting to your villa from the airport? From there, how will you get somewhere to purchase necessities, such as groceries for the week?

The transportation system in Mexico is different from what many travelers are used to. Many travelers find success in arranging for a private transfer from the airport to their destination, then using a cab service to get to where they need to be. A lot of travelers interested in the Mayan Riviera plan to be close to Playa del Carmen for the sake of convenience.

Renting a villa in Mexico can be a great way to have fun in the sun on your terms and spend time with the people you care about the most. Having a private villa means no battling for seating by the pool or waiting in line for drinks; just relaxation.




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