10 Great Travelling Hacks You Need To Know

Published On August 31, 2018 | By Staff Writer | Travel Planning
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1. Download MAPS.ME (MapsWithMe)

Designed primarily to work offline, the MAPS.ME app is a huge lifesaver in an unfamiliar country. You just need to download the area you are visiting and you’re good to go. It is constantly updated by an online community, and does have very detailed maps (it often has places and walking routes which aren’t on Google Maps), countless points of interest, and spoken turn-by-turn navigation whilst offline.

2. Email yourself a copy of your passport


Image via Flickr by Karen Bryan

Scan your passport, any other identification, and important documents and email them to yourself. This way, you’ll have access to them in the event of loss or theft. It might also be worth opening them on your phone and saving or screenshotting just in case you’re unable to access the internet. Also, save any journey confirmations as you go for reference.

3. Never pay for water at the airport

With tighter airport restrictions, a bottle of liquid over 100ml is a no go through security. Bring an empty bottle and fill up at a water fountain once you’re through. Simple.

4. Buy a local SIM at your destination

Getting a local SIM means you can avoid those expensive roaming fees (some service providers include other countries in their plans so check first). The easiest, most convenient way is to buy a SIM card at the airport when you first arrive into the country. You’ll be ready to go straight away! Do a quick search on deals and coverage from network providers beforehand. You’ll need to ensure your phone is unlocked first of course.

5. Download Google Translate to use offline


Image via Flickr by paz.ca

If you’re travelling abroad and don’t speak the language, Google Translate can be really handy. Just make sure you set it up for offline translation and download your desired languages. Not only can you type and speak to translate, you can even use the camera to translate images in real time.

6. Split up your money/cards

You know what they say about having all of your eggs in one basket. Divide your money and bank cards and stash them in different places on your person and throughout your luggage. If something unfortunate happens, there’s a high chance that you’ll only lose a small fraction of everything. There are various methods you can use but do what you feel comfortable with. Also, it might be wise to keep some cash in an easily accessible pocket for small transactions, this way you’re not flashing your cash to the world.

7. Roll clothes to save space

Rolling your clothes instead of folding is a highly effective way of saving space in your luggage. This method also helps to keep wrinkles down to a minimum.

8. Pack string

This may seem like an unusual one but string can often be so useful when you’re away. It’s lightweight and takes up little space. Use it as washing line (invaluable when always on the go), keep things together, hang items up, etc.

9. Carry tissues

Always keep a pack of tissues or some toilet roll with you. You never know when you’re going to need it! In certain countries, particularly Asia, there can be a distinct lack of toilet paper. Whilst it’s environmentally friendly to use a bidet shower (if provided), that’s not always an option.

10. Take a portable charger

This is an obvious one, but equally important. There will be long journeys and you’ll need the juice. This time can be spent researching your next destination or relaxing and watching films. Having a charging case is particularly useful when you’re on the go and you don’t want to be dealing with messy wires.

Bonus tip: Save money by booking flights and hotels through a comparison website

Use comparison websites such as Webjet when booking flights and hotels. This way you can check out the best prices for a wide range of options so you never pay more than you have to.



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