Summer 2019: Top 8 U.S. Places to Travel to This Year

Published On April 23, 2019 | By Staff Writer | Travel Planning, USA
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We’re all after the perfect summer vacation. But somehow, we always seem to end up in the wrong places. Either it’s too hot, too crowded or there’s some extreme weather that puts a severe damper on your fun.

Well, this year is going to be different.

Because in the summer of 2019, you’re going to travel to the perfect summer destination.

And now for the good news…

We’ve already narrowed the list down to your 8 best choices.

All you have to do is browse through this list and figure out which best suits your needs and budget.

Here are the top 8 places to travel this summer:

Niagara Falls, New York

The word “majestic” has become cliché and completely overused in travel writing – but is there any other word to describe Niagara Falls?

Summer is the best time to go, but it can get a bit crowded. To beat the crowds, try planning your trip in the last days of summer (just avoid Labor Day weekend).

And you’ll also want to pack layers. Even in the heat of the summer, you’re going to get wet. And this can create an uncomfortable situation if you’re not prepared.

Boston, Massachusetts

While the rest of the world is headed to Orlando, you can take an entirely different type of vacation. If you’ve never been, summer is the perfect time to visit Boston. Why?

Well, things can get downright chilly in the off-summer months, so that’s not the best time for everyone. And in the winter, the chances are good that you’ll get snowed in.

In contrast, the summer months allow you to explore this charming city in all its glory. Boston is steeped in its own rich culture and history. Did you catch that pun?

Napa Valley, California

Summer is an ideal time to visit Napa Valley because it’s right before the crowds come for harvest. And when you consider that there’s more to do in this area than taste wine, you might see how enjoyable a summer trip to the wine country can be.

Rolling hills and expansive views make Napa Valley a major destination for anyone who appreciates mother nature’s beauty. And the summer is the perfect time to take a hot air balloon ride to your favorite winery.

San Diego, California

While most people are flocking to LA for the star-studded experience, you can have a more relaxed experience in San Diego.

You can visit the zoo, spend time at Legoland, watch the show at SeaWorld and spend some time at the beach. It’ll be the vacation of the year, for sure.

Vail, Colorado

You might not think about going to a ski resort when there’s no snow on the ground, but summer in Vail is a spectacular sight.

You can hike in the mountains, ride horses, go rafting and truly enjoy the outdoors. Even if you’re a skier, you may find that the summer is your new favorite time to visit Vail.

Yellowstone National Park

Summer is the best time to visit Yellowstone. You can get an up-close-and-personal view of Old Faithful geyser.

This is the type of vacation where you just might fit a year’s worth of outdoor adventuring into a one-or-two-week trip.

Minneapolis, Minnesota

If you’re ever planning to visit the Midwest, summer is the time. There are tons of outdoor activities, including hiking, mountain biking and jet skiing on the lakes. There are theme parks, water parks and the world-famous Mall of America. As one of the largest malls in the United States, this mall features much more than just shopping.

Hershey, Pennsylvania

If you’ve grown up on the Hersey’s chocolate bar or chocolate syrup, as we all have, you’re bound to have a blast at Hershey Park in Hershey, Pennsylvania.

It may sound like an attraction that’s just for kids, but Hershey Park has something for everyone. There’s even a butterfly atrium with more than 500 butterflies. And, naturally, there are roller coasters and a full water park. Oh, and lots of Hershey’s chocolate.

If you’re looking for an action-packed summer vacation, look no further than the destinations on this list. Not only is there a lot to see and do, but most of them can also be budget friendly. You may even want to visit every destination on the list!


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