3 Easy Access Walks Around Salcombe

Published On February 5, 2015 | By Staff Writer | England, Travel Planning
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Salcombe is surrounded by miles and miles of walks. From treks across the towering cliffs to woodland strolls, there is no end of options. However, if you have young children with you or are a wheelchair user, many of the walks are unsuitable. But if you know where to look you can still enjoy the beauty of Salcombe on these 3 easy access walks.

Start Point, Near Salcombe

Just over a mile of beautiful coastline is yours to explore as you make your way down towards the old lighthouse. Built in 1836 this Gothic structure is well worth visiting, and if you come in the summer you will find it open for exploration. In spring the hills here come alive with wild flowers which make this a particularly beautiful walk near Salcombe. If you’re lucky you may well see seals frolicking in the waters.

1. Leave the car park at Start Point and pass through a metal gate and onto the Coast Path. Continue along the path south east.

2. You’ll come to a fork at Nestley Point. Stay on the track and you’ll come to the gorgeous Gothic lighthouse.

3. After looking at the lighthouse simply retrace your steps back to the car park.

Bolberry Down, Near Salcombe

Bolberry is a short drive from Salcombe and this walk follows a relatively flat stretch of coastline. Because this walk is managed by the National Trust you’ll find all kinds of plants and animals including the rare Cirl bunting and Dartford warblers. Along the walk you’ll see the remains of an Iron Age fort and Bronze Age boundary stones.

1. Leave the car park and head towards the Port Light Hotel, turn left at the hotel and take the path down towards the sea, then turn left after about 100 yards. Carry on for about half a mile.

2. The Coast Path then goes through a gate to Bolt Tail. At this point you can turn back to the car park or follow the path on. The track does get rougher so be sure that your buggy is up to the challenge.

3. After the gentle descent the path rises again, but tis shouldn’t present any problems. About 100 yards on you’ll find a bench and viewpoint where you can rest for a moment and enjoy the views.

4. After this the path makes a steep decent down to Soar Mill Cove.

5. Once down at the cove you can either retrace your steps or take the alternative path which tracks up the valley and rejoins the Coast Path.

Snapes Point, Salcombe

To enjoy the views across Salcombe and the estuary then try this easy trail. This can be done as a circular walk but this takes you over fields so you’ll need one of those fancy all-terrain buggies, if not you can walk down to the point and back.

1. Park up at the Snapes Point National Trust car park and follow the track that leads from the rear of the car park.

2. Follow the path and you can soak up some majestic views of Salcombe.

3. After walking along for a while you’ll arrive at a sign that directs you to Snape Point. If you have a standard buggy now is the time to head back to the car park.

4. For people with rugged pushchairs turn left into a field by the signs and follow the path back to the car park.

After you’ve enjoyed these picturesque walks you may want to spend some time relaxing, so why not take a look at the luxury holiday properties we have to offer in Salcombe.



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