8 of the Best Things to Do in Europe

Published On June 16, 2015 | By Staff Writer | Europe, Travel Planning
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Europe is frequented by travelers from all over the place. People spend months and months making their way around; there’s just so much to see and do. However, there are a few things you should definitely include in your itinerary if you want to have the best time – read on to find out what they are:

Wander Around Venice

The best thing about Venice is the water. People talk about getting gondolas and things on the canals, and of course that’s a good candidate for a bucket list. However, you can have just as good a time wandering around Venice and getting lost in the side streets. Explore the places that are hardly talked about and go places the tourists don’t frequent. You’ll have a much better time, and it’s still a romantic place for couples to go.

Enjoy Athens from the Acropolis

Head up to the Acropolis and you have the opportunity to enjoy ancient Greece from way up high. The views are spectacular, and the place lights up beautifully at night time. A great place to go for food if you’d like a magical backdrop.

Party Till the Sun Comes up in Ibiza

Ibiza is one of the best places to party in the world, so if you’re looking for amazing nightlife, this is the place for you! It’s a great place to go with your friends and have the week or even just the weekend of a lifetime. It’ll cost you a pretty penny though, so make sure you take a nice amount of money to see you through. It’s still a great place to just go and relax with family, as it has some amazing beaches!

Discover Two Sides to Amsterdam

There are two sides to Amsterdam; the classy, cultural side, and the trashy side. There are plenty of amazing museums and things to see, and then there are the prostitutes in the windows come night-time! Amsterdam can be quite surreal because of the sheer amount of different things going on. You can also take on of the European river cruises to see this place a little better.

Eat Some Posh Nosh in Paris

Paris is famous for the Eiffel tower and other landmarks, but you must also try the amazing food. Two things that are musts in Paris; escargot and champagne! You might be surprised at how tasty snails are.

Go Skiing in Switzerland

Skiing is a great way to take an active holiday, and Switzerland is one of the best places you can do it. It’s so beautiful covered in snow and you’ll no doubt have time for other things too. Curl up by the fire at night with a hot chocolate and really take in the atmosphere!

Drink at Oktoberfest in Germany

Germany is famous for its beer, and there’s no better place to go to sample it than Oktoberfest! Wear traditional dress to have even more fun there.

Go on a Walking Tour through Prague

On a walking tour through Prague you can discover many charming old buildings and sites. It’s even beautiful when covered by unspoiled snow.

Which of these will you do in Europe?


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