Cancun: A Tropical Island Paradise To Experience

Published On April 14, 2014 | By Staff Writer | Mexico
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Cancun sits in south-eastern Mexico and it is renowned for being a tourist hot-spot, primarily due to its luxurious, crystal-clear waters, superb hotels and Caribbean climate. Cancun holidays can be so much fun, not only because of the beautiful beaches that the said city boasts of, but also because of its buzzing nightlife and excellent weather. Stuck out in a spit of land, it’s an attractive prospect for any tourist and features much to see and do. It’s built for tourism, so, if you’re looking for a quiet and cultured visit, you may need to look elsewhere.


Cancun is famous for its beaches and that’s exactly what you’ll find here and in abundance too. Isla Mujeres sits just off the resort and it’s common knowledge that the resorts here consist of gentler beaches, ideal for families, whilst more advanced swimmers may wish to test themselves elsewhere.

There are many scuba-diving schools in the city, offering visitors the opportunity to mix with the marine wildlife. Lessons are delved out by professionals and the reefs in the area are extremely vibrant and colourful. Other aqua activities include taking the Dinner Cruise out on the lagoon as well as the Yacht Club.

Isla Contoy is perfect for bird-lovers, featuring more than 150 species and is a great example of Cancun’s natural beauty. The kids, who may not share your affinity for nature, will love the interactive Aquarium which houses both sharks and dolphins.

Eat and Drink

Sitting right by the sea is the perfect location for these restaurants who fill their menus with seafood with a Mexican blend. From simple seafood joints to La Habichuela, which serves Mexican cuisine and has earned something of a legendary status in Cancun, the food is just as important as the natural beauty on show.

The nightlife, as mentioned, is incredibly vibrant and there are a number of bars and clubs. Señor Frog’s is a popular establishment, known for serving great food as well as offering a range of tunes in the evening. Many of the hotels have well-furbished bars and drink selections, offering a little something for everybody.

Summing up

Cancun is a tropical paradise and every little bit worth the money paid; with a consistent climate and opportunities to book excellent all-inclusive hotels, it makes sense to shop around for a great deal before setting off for a priceless vacation in Mexico.


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