The Ultimate Travel Guide to Ipoh, Malaysia

Published On September 23, 2019 | By Staff Writer | Malaysia, Travel Planning
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Occasionally when we travel, we feel a sensation that is only next to experiencing moments in life more like touring physical locations. On your trip to Ipoh, you’ll discover sceneries, tastes, smells, and touches that makes it feel all-encompassing. It’s like immersing yourself into a different epoch rather than setting foot on a new destination in the world’s map. Ipoh best describes such places. The following is the Ipoh travel guide to help you on your first trip there.

Claiming its position as the largest Malaysian Peninsular city in the Perak state, Ipoh is the nation’s best-guarded secret. From the tin miners, Chinese merchants, cunning entrepreneurs, tea barons, street artists, and celebrated sultans, the city is Malaysia’s jewel. It perfectly captures the unique history strata and diverse cultures you’ll exciting about Malaysia. Its old-school cool, as well as the undercurrent nostalgia, will leave you in awe.

 Why Take a Trip to Ipoh?

We’ve had our sights set on Ipoh since Lonely Planet declared it as one of the top destinations in Asia in 2017. It is arguably true that it qualifies as Asia’s top destination for art connoisseurs, impressive architecture, and food culture. In our experience, Ipoh is a more silent city, less tourist-oriented compared to Penang, an attribute that adds to its unique appeal. Furthermore, Ipoh possesses a great retro vibe and an excellent close-knit community feel. While here, you may think of it as a vast country on its own rather than a small city in Malaysia. Still thinking whether to travel to Ipoh? Look no further and book your tickets with direct flights from Singapore to Ipoh

Ipoh’s Itinerary Summary – What to do in Ipoh

While visiting Ipoh, you’ll be able to:

Taste Ipoh’s Delicacies

Most tourists consider Ipoh as Malaysia’s culinary center. Just like any other city in Malaysia, Ipoh boasts of thousands of pubs and restaurants. Its vast hawker food markets reign over the streets in Malaysian nights. There exists a variety of specialty dishes that are Ipoh’s signature meals you won’t find anywhere else in the country. Ipoh also boasts of being the birthplace of Malaysia’s white coffee served in different retro cafes across the city.

Experience Ipoh’s Street Art

Well, Penang has achieved its spot as Malaysia’s capital for street art. However, do you know that Ipoh features an extensive collection of murals from the same artist?

Sincerely we preferred Ipoh’s street art during our visit. For new visitors, there is no need to queue to take a look inside. It is said that the city’s street art galleries inspired Ernest Zacharevic’s work. Now, it’s decorated with different murals created by Ipoh’s artists.

Wander on Ipoh’s Laneways

There exist various historic laneways in the city that have been transformed into culture precinct as well as impeccable street art. One of the most popular lanes is Concubine Lane. This lane offers visitors the perfect place to trek, bird watching, and café-hopping on a sunny afternoon.

Sample Ipoh’s Literature

Malaysia features jaw-dropping architecture, including Chinese shophouses comprising of their 5-foot ways and impressive tiles and shutters. Here, heritage shophouses meet British Colonial architecture that features modern concrete monstrosities.

How to Travel to Ipoh

Finally, if you’re wondering how to get to Ipoh, relax. The city is approximately halfway between Penang and KL. Thus, this means that it’s perfectly positioned for a relaxing stopover and offers an easy way to incorporate into your Malaysian itinerary. Furthermore, getting to Ipoh takes only a few hours when traveling from Kuala Lumpur by bus or train.


Ipoh is ultimately the jewel that shines on Malaysia’s crown. This destination offers more than you would imagine when looking for the perfect travel destination. Take time to discover breath-taking sceneries and history while touring Ipoh in Malaysia.

Image by Tracey Wong from Pixabay

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