A Stroll Through The Monkey Forest in Ubud

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The Monkey Forest in Ubud is a nature reserve close to the city center at the end of the fittingly named Monkey Forest Road.  Its proximity to the city make it very popular, so visiting early in the morning or later in the afternoon is crucial to avoiding the larger crowds (hours are 8:30 – 6 daily).

Situated on about 27 acres of land (thanks Wikipedia), the forest has nice walking trails and a few small temples.  Stalls near the entrance sell banana, and workers feed the monkeys with potatoes throughout the area, so monkeys are not skiddish at all of humans.  They will jump on your bag if they suspect there is food in it, and climb your body to reach any food in your hands.  They are very quick, so even if you aren’t afraid of them, its a little startling.

We had a good time and saw every part of the area walking slowly for about hour.  Tip: its more fun to watch others try to feed monkeys with bananas than feed them yourself.  The monkeys are very aggressive about getting food, and everyone ends up dropping the whole bunch, often following a shriek or nervous dance of some sort.


The only sleeping monkey we saw all day.

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