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Published On November 29, 2013 | By Staff Writer | Asia, Travel Guides
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The largest and most populous continent, Asia, is a mix of antiquity and historical brilliance, as well as western influences. If you want to go to bustling cities, with vibrant night-life and busy markets, you can find them in this beautiful area of the world. Asia is not a homogenous continent and each country, and even each district, has a different culture, attitude and atmosphere. We’ve picked three cities that we think you should visit in Asia, with a short guide so you know where to go when you visit:

Dubai: Let’s get down to business

Dubai is arguably the most affluent place in the world, which is why tourists, business people, and expats alike flock there. The clash between the past and the present in this amazing country is evident, encapsulated in the incorporation of Old Dubai and new. New Dubai houses 69 malls and is building eight more as we speak; if you’re an ardent shopper you will be in heaven. Cutting edge retail experiences and free cocktails are just some of the delights that you can experience. A favourite among those that live there is The Dubai Mall. Go along for an experience like no other. As well as 1,200 stores, the mall sports a number of adventure sports such as ice skating and a mini amusement park. Additionally, there’s a giant aquarium with sharks and turtles, watching you as you shop. Slightly creepy but totally cool.

Hong Kong: Live in the future

Hong Kong is notable for its futuristic architecture, dotted with nostalgic remnants of the old; reminding many Western visitors of the city in The Fifth Element. A mix of ancient and new, this part of the world is beautiful for a perhaps unexpected reason – the skyscrapers. The pinnacle of modern architecture, they stand tall, touching the skyline and glinting at you from their lit up windows during the night.

In the day, soak in the atmosphere of the famous wet market, a term used to describe stalls that only sell produce such as fish and meat. During the evening, explore the bars in Soho; a favourite among locals is The Melting Pot, the best alternative jazz club in the district. Here you can enjoy the best in famous jazz talent as well as up and coming rookies. Either way, you’ll be sure to have a night to remember, to the beat of old school compositions, transporting you back to the Golden Age of Jazz.

Singapore: Coupling beach and city

For such a large city, Singapore is impressively clean with a low crime rate, so you can feel safe walking around. If you get peckish, be sure to try the traditional dish congee, a kind of rice porridge or gruel. It’s often served as a side dish in market stalls and restaurants. If you find yourself wanting breathing space from the city, check out Sentosa, an island off Singapore and home to the beautiful Siloso Beach, for hip sand-filled fun. When the evening comes, the seashore transforms into a hub of nightlife and partying. So get your towel, your best swimsuit and hit the beach!

If you’d like to find out more about Asia, take a look at this blog which has lots of great information about the hidden gems the continent holds. If you’re sitting there, whimsically reading this article, but feel like you don’t have the money to tour Asia or another region, check out these cruise ship deals, here. After all, you don’t miss a thing with the stunning views from the top deck!

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