Water Wanderlust – How to Take Your Love of Sailing to the Next Level

Published On May 15, 2019 | By Staff Writer | Travel Planning
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For many individuals around Australia, sailing is a past-time that features a dynamic relationship between challenge and serenity. Sailing involves physical exertion and provides benefits accordingly. It has shown to improve agility, along with concentration and communication skills. Further, it has been connected to positive improvements in patients with mental health issues.

The tough physical challenge offered in the world of sailing is contrasted by the peace and serenity many feel when out on the water. Perhaps it is the connection felt with the natural world, or simply the quiet rock of the waves that create such an effect. Either way, it is a well sought after hobby that many enjoy.

While some may be content with the extent of their sailing habits, others may be searching for a way to take it to the next level. If the latter refers to you, then you have come to the right place. Here are three ways in which you can challenge yourself as a sailor, and explore this wonderful past-time on a deeper level. Anchor’s aweigh!

Get Your Own Boat

A great way to take your love of sailing to the next level is through purchasing your own boat. Not only will this allow you more freedom for when and where you sail, but if you are spending money hiring a boat each time you want to hit the water, then you may save money too! Check out some charter boats for sale and get sailing on your own boat today!

Get More Training

Learning more about sailing is another great way to take your love of it to the next level. This could involve learning about the history of sailing, and how it has shaped society as we experience it. Alternatively, you could expand your practical sailing skills through a training course. Perhaps you could learn to sail on several different kinds of bats, or even train for a solo journey. Whatever the case, developing your knowledge of the area is a surefire way to explore this activity on a deeper level.

Challenge Yourself

Finally, setting a challenge for yourself can lead to a higher level of sailing experience. One challenge could be a sailing holiday, either overnight or for a few days. If you have expanded your training, this may be a way to test your skill development. It could also serve as an end goal to your training, and provide direction and focus to the expansion of your skills. There are many great sailing destinations around Australia so you won’t have to travel far to find an amazing experience.


So there we have it, three ways to take your love of sailing to the next level. Buying your own boat will give you an enhanced level of freedom when it comes to planning sailing expeditions, expanding your knowledge base will allow for a larger number of activities to occur, and setting a challenge for yourself will give direction to your training.

Now it’s time to enjoy the challenge and serenity offered by any sailing experience. Remember, the first priority of any sailing activity should be the safety of the crew. So take appropriate precautions and of course, have fun!


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