How To Tour In Style: Best Luxury Options

Published On July 31, 2019 | By Staff Writer | Travel Planning
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We all want to travel in style although this can be expensive especially if you are planning a trip where you are moving around or traveling to multiple destinations. But with a bit of careful planning, it’s entirely possible to both travel in luxury and keeps an eye on the cost at the same time. Here are some of the ways we feel that it’s possible to do so.

Luxury Car

Now if going by road what could be more fun than a high-performance sports car? Most of us don’t have one just sitting around but it’s actually not that expensive to hire one for a week or even just a few days and if it’s a dream then it’s definitely worth saving up for. Granted the most expensive sports cars can cost over $1000 per day but there are some pretty nice deals starting from just $150. Here is a guide to some of the nicest sports cars we have right here.

Fly Business Or 1st Class

How to fly and getting premium business or 1st class seats for a decent price is not as difficult as you’d think. If you are a regular flyer then you can accumulate air miles or points with certain carriers and these can be used against upgrades to 1st class or even some special airline credit cards that can offer these features. Alternatively, you can always chance your luck and ask about upgrades at check-in and if you are in luck then you may get a cheap or even free upgrade if they have a spare seat. 

Charter A Yacht

What could say luxury any more than chartering a yacht? One of the most common responses to this suggestion is that ‘I could never afford that!’ But think it through, it may not be cheap but you’re your transport and accommodation. With a quick search on the Thailand yacht charters website we can find a 6 berth (that’s beds to you and me) for only $1200 in August this year, which is not so bad in the summer season.

Stay In The Best Hotels

Hotels are expensive, right? Well sometimes, but not always! If you know where to look for them then certain websites offer cheap deals and are prepared to be flexible with which dates you are willing to go on then you can save a huge amount. Times such as those other than school holiday periods and major holidays such as Christmas are best. 

High-End RV

Just because it’s on wheels doesn’t mean an RV cannot be a luxury mode of transport and accommodation, have a look at these ridiculously luxurious examples that are as high end as any hotel room! Consider that you have; electricity, showers, TV, fully functioning kitchen then what more could you ask for? With one of these the world is truly your oyster and you can go wherever takes your fancy in perfect comfort and luxury.



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