Tips on Preparing Your Boat for Travel

Published On September 8, 2020 | By Staff Writer | Travel Planning
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When it comes to travel preparations in general, it is crucial to be as thorough as you can with every detail. When it comes to preparing your boat for travel, the same thing applies. Not only should you have a checklist to ensure that everything is in order, but it would also be ideal to make improvements when you decide to bring the boat out to open water.

Whether you intend to sail your boat during ideal seasons or even during the winter months, there is always a perfect method when it comes to general transport.

Best-practice methods

When preparing your boat for transport, a best-practice method would be to inspect the craft thoroughly for any damage and take pictures of any that you find. The same thing applies to any piece of the boat that you have to dismantle. Taking photographs ensures that you have proof if it sustains damage.

Another excellent tip would be to make sure that your boat is well-protected from the elements. For example, does it have a fresh coat of boat paint? It might not seem like such a big deal, but marine paint’s primary function is to protect your boat from exposure to water. By following the tips above, you can guarantee the safety of your craft.

Ensuring your boat is ready for travel

To get the ship prime and ready for shipping, here are just a few suggestions:

  • Ensure that any valuables you have in your boat have been removed and safely stored away from the vessel.
  • For windshields made of plexiglass or plastic, ensure that they are safely secured below deck.
  • Aside from valuables, it would be prudent to ensure that curtains, cushions, and other similar items are stored away from the boat.
  • Ensure that the boat is emptied of fuel and water.
  • Disconnecting the battery cables is crucial to keeping the boat safe and secure.
  • When it comes to any type of fixture that extends beyond the hull, it would be best to remove and safely store the fixtures.
  • Weather sensitive devices should be taken care of accordingly. For example, in the winter months, winterizing sensitive areas of the boat is crucial.
  • Shrink-wrap is a fantastic way of keeping a boat safe during travel. That said, there is always a chance that the shrink-wrap might break if it is not entirely secure.
  • The hull drain must be unplugged when transporting any boat.

Another tip would be to ensure that the service transporting your boat has insurance if your vessel suffers damage during the trip. While it might not guarantee that the boat will sustain damage, especially if you follow the tips above, it would still be best to cover all of your bases. If the vessel is too large to effectively use shrink-wrap, ensure that you at least protect the most vulnerable areas.

While it might not necessarily be a fun process, it is crucial to follow the above tips to ensure that you cover all your bases when prepping your boat for travel.


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